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237 word - Essay Example

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Ever since the world has been developing, progressing and, in effect, running on all the latest technology, this has been made so much more probable…
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237 word
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Download file to see previous pages It gives one the solitude that one requires from time to time. A get away from the busy lives, a chance to just relax and think. There is no rush, no getting impatient over the traffic on the road, no worries about the amount of gas being used and how much it would cost to get a refill. There is just peace and quiet, no one begging for attention, a hideaway from all responsibilities, a chance to ponder over life.
Of course, there is also much to be said about saving the natural resources, which are most definitely finite and being used up so quickly. Other than saving up on fuel, one also helps in making the environment better as walking does not release any harmful gases which pollute the air whereas driving most definitely does.
Since childhood, one has been told all these fairy tales that one’s parents read to one at night before bedtime. Be they the happy endings written by one Christian Hans Andersen or the brutal Grimm brothers’ versions that one comes across as one turns older, shocking one as one reads them. But what both of these have in common is the theme of magic.
Magic is always thought to be something supernatural, a part of the fantasy world, something which is not real. Despite that there have been many books, movies, television shows - you name it - that have been released. There is a lot of variety over these and yet they have all been really popular. What is also pleasantly surprising is that anything magical appeals to people of all age groups. It may seem to be something which may only be preferred by children but certain books such as the Harry Potter series have proved it to be otherwise.
There is a certain charm in these fictional worlds like J K Rowling’s Hogwarts or C S Lewis’ Narnia or J R R Tolkien’s Middle Earth. In reading about worlds that are fantasy but hoping inside one’s hearts that someday, somewhere, sometime, one could discover that these places do ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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