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I undertook my elementary schooling in (name of school) and my high school in (name of school). I later migrated to the United States where I have lived for five years. I would like to join this university and intend to major in civil…
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Uc civil engineering transfer student personal statement
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Download file to see previous pages As a child I used to stand for hours at a construction site watching in awe as the workers worked in perfect harmony. There was nothing that gave me more joy than seeing a structure grow where none existed before. I therefore knew from an early age that I would like to be part of creating new structures. When I grew up a little and learnt more about different careers, I decided that I would be a civil engineer.
Throughout my years in school, physics and mathematics have been my most favorite subjects and my grades in both have always been impressive. I have consistently topped my class in both for many years of my schooling. It was a trend that had continued my elementary school to high school.
With time, I got to travel more and see more buildings, canals, bridges and other structures built in various designs that increased my yearning to enter into a career leading to construction. After I got access to the internet, I did comprehensive research on civil engineering and became quite knowledgeable in many topics in the subject. After I finished high school, I applied to join the (NAME COLLEGE). At first I was afraid due to notion that had been propagated into us that the course was difficult. I worked quite hard in my studies since it was a course I had passion in and I had had a good background in since I had been good in mathematics and physics. I realized that for anybody interested in civil engineering, it is not as difficult as we had been made to believe. On the contrary, I found the subjects simple, practical and enjoyable.
Over the years I have had a chance to study civil engineering, I have had the opportunity to attend various consultative for a for civil engineers in which I have had the chance to interact with civil engineers and exchange ideas on further developing construction skills. These for a have left me more knowledgeable and have triggered critical thinking in me ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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