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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Personal Statement for UC My intended Major When I took a pen to write this essay, I endeavoured, as my high school English instructor always instructed, to envision the audience of my paper. The more I imagined about this, is the more I pitied the admission screeners who would through over a thousand essays on diversity…
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Personal statement for UC
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Download file to see previous pages Let me be straightforward: in some manner, I am the direct opposite of what one may envision as a learner who contributes to campus diversity. I am Asian, middle-class, and heterosexual; I have no mental challenges or physical handicaps aside from a tendency towards mockery and sarcasm. However, when I get university brochures picturing joyful, well-groomed teens clothed in the newest from Abercrombie & Fitch and sun basking on a blanket in the grass, I think to myself, these people are not, in any way, like me. Simply put, everything I do has a Chinese theme in it. For instance, my clothes are Chinese and my hair cut is still the one I used to do while in Hong Kong. I opt for the more angular hair cut. My fashion is always inspired by Shanghai Tang’s design from Hong Kong, who revitalises Chinese fashion out the 20’s and the 30’s, with a contemporary twist of the 21st century, as well as his mixture of colours. Even though, I have lived outside my home country for a majority of the recent years, I still have the culture in my bloodstream. If I was inserted into those university brochures, then I would definitely look like a lost child trying to find his way home. Once more, I am envisioning my audience and I can just about see their eyes roll. Diversity may be measured in terms of geographical or economic background, religion, life experiences, sexual orientation or even general outlook personal and interests. In this respect, my Chinese personality contributes a viewpoint, which is far diverse from the mainstream. Being Chinese is not just about physical outlook, but also a way of life, which incorporates not only personal preferences in literature, music and popular culture, but also specific beliefs on spirituality, philosophy and a wide variety of other human factors. The United States has always amased me, in a country where every other television ad is for plastic surgery. One has to marvel what kind of society breeds such mentality, where even as young as 12-year-olds endeavour to transform their bodies through surgeries and worship pop starts instead of major authors and revolutionaries as their roles models. While every citizen as plenty of opportunities at their display, they still do not discern whether they are contented and are always searching for personal enhancement. The above reason is why I opted to study sociology. I consider that being offered a chance to study in the United States, mainly in the University of California, will allow me to plunge myself into this consumer society, and start learning more concerning the American psyche and compare it to my Hong Kong, as well as British culture. I am mostly fascinated with the culture and sociology of the west coast, specifically youth culture, and; therefore, this academic year I am sitting for the SC310 course, which I consider to be very appealing. The west coast interests me, not just because people see it embodied on the television so much through documentaries, soaps and movies, but because they saw the surfacing of the punk scene in this region, and how it influenced numerous popular punk pop music groups, as well as contemporary artists. I am also concerned with the disputes over the sway of music on youths, how films, music, as well as fashion persuades high school peer groups and how they are labeled along with the fact that they are labeled. I am an outgoing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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