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The writer of this paper intends to describe his own path of getting acknowledged with the computer science. Furthermore, the author shall reveal his experience with education and work in the industry. Finally, the plans for the future personal development will be described…
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Computer Science
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Personal Statement - Computer Science
I always fancied myself with computers since my childhood. Because I grew up in a small town in Vietnam, a place where computers were not introduced to the fullest at the time of its inception and were considered wholly as a luxury instead of a necessity, it was curiosity plus a self-driven need to learn about this new technology.
My interest in computer sciences dates back to my school days. My first instance with a computer was in my mid-school where I got a chance to play games on it. High schools in my town at that time did not offer computers as a subject for study. There was only one high school, which did so, but admission into it was tough. The love for computers gave me the strength to go through the hardest exam ever and to study computers, which otherwise few students had the opportunity in my town at that time. I got a chance to study computers as a major with other 30 students and was introduced to basic languages but we were mostly taught on paper and hardly got a chance to work on the computer practically. It was tough to work on codes by just imagining and assuming that it will prove to be right. I, therefore, decided to put in my utmost effort to get familiar with the computer by asking my teacher for a volunteer job. The job, in the beginning, included cleaning of the computer room, removing and replacing accessories and other side things. Gradually, my teacher allowed me to work on the computer under his supervision and also taught me basics to run and reboot it. Consequently, I took part in discussions pertaining to computers and my teachers seeing my interest in the subject motivated me to select computer sciences as my career. By that time I was the only one in my neighborhood who knew how to use a computer and could help in typing of texts which otherwise required to be done by experts outside my town. My keen interest in learning enabled me to become more determined to pursue my further career in computers.
After my graduation from high school, I was admitted into the University of Nature Sciences for the computer science major in Ho Chi Minh City but at the same time, my family planned to shift to the United States of America and thus I was unable to advance in my studies, as I had to move with them.
My life suddenly took a new direction as I arrived in the United States. My parents decided to return to Vietnam after some months leaving me and my sister behind. With an unstable income and a necessity to survive, I started my first job in the States as a dishwasher at a nearby restaurant. At the same time, I possessed a strong devotion to study but this time it was harder than there in Vietnam as English was not my native language and therefore few people understood what I said. I enrolled in one of the school’s English programs and later took English classes at the Berkeley City College. The language barrier was a hard one to overcome but had passed this; I knew I would be fine with the college classes and other suitable jobs. After the English class, I used to walk around in my neighborhood talking to people and sharing my experiences, and finding a chance to interact as much as I could to increase my every possible stance of learning more vocabulary. I asked my manager to raise my job position from a dishwasher to a waiter so that I could get a chance to interact with more people- he agreed. This also provided me with a chance to earn more money as my income increased considerably. At that time, my sister got a job, which meant that now I could save money for my further education- a dream since my first volunteering job in high school. I thus decided to move on with my education. I have developed a great belief in consistent hard work during the past years.
I want to graduate from UC with a Computer Science major. Studying in UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine or UC Berkeley will be an honor itself. The NRC rankings for the UC Santa Barbara proved to be very bright and I would love to study in an engineering college, which is ranked in the top most universities in the United States. Moreover, the strong faculty that the University of California possesses is a dream for every student to study under. In the computer sciences, there is a tremendous scope for research and graduating from UC will enhance my chances of conducting research in this field. It will take me a step further to advance my career in computer science. I enjoy acquiring new skills and information, which help me adapt to the fast-moving world. In addition, a career with open prospects would give me an incentive to improve myself and gain more knowledge.
My ultimate goal is to pursue a challenging work environment where I can research as well as contribute by any other means to those underdeveloped towns where computers are still to be introduced to its fullest. Getting into UC for a major in computer science will give me an opportunity to prepare myself for a research-based career. My ambition lies in utilizing my research skills and knowledge for the advancement of humanity as a whole. Read More
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