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In order to foster cooperation, one needs to involve the senior management staff in the planning, evaluation and implementation of the projects. They should be…
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Computer Science Questions
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Computer Science Questions al Affiliation) Question One Prencipe asserts that senior management cooperation is very important for the success of any project in a company. In order to foster cooperation, one needs to involve the senior management staff in the planning, evaluation and implementation of the projects. They should be informed about the proposed development of the security policy and should contribute their ideas on the architecture and implementation. Therefore, a committee should be formed that is comprised of members from all the relevant stakeholders, including the senior management personnel (Prencipe, 2003).
Question Two
Wilson argues that in order to determine the threat scale during computer forensic tactics preparation, one identifies the rate of spread of the malicious program (worm, virus). The other step involves determining the extent to which the malicious program has spread to other computer users and the damage that the program has inflicted on those users that have been affected (Wilson, 2002).
Question Three
I think that subnets are the most difficult part of IP addressing. This is because it is very hard to understand how to work with prefix length and subnet length. In addition, the determination of the host addresses and the prefix involves changing the address into binary by conducting logical (NOR and AND) operations on the subnet mask and address, before finally converting the figures into decimal points.
Question Four
According to White, IPv6 have a number of drawbacks such as the cost. In order to migrate to IPv6 protocols, businesses have to factor in time spent, additional personnel and monetary assets. A business has to buy new servers and basically new equipment for performing IPv6 functions that are very specific (White, 2012).
Another factor is the complication of shifting to IPv6. The move entails involving all departments, which means that the day to day operations will be curtailed. In addition, all the departments have to be satisfied. Other factors include getting rid of the IPv4 inventory and handling issues relating to the legacy system.
Question Five
According to White, some of the best practices during deployment of directory services include:-
i. Possessing multiple domain controllers.
ii. Backing up data using disk to disk applications for continuous backing.
iii. Running domain controllers through Server Core.
iv. Modelling network connections via site link bridges.
v. Periodically checking the status of all subnets.
vi. Implementing a change auditing package.
vii. Generally planning the adequate infrastructure for load management (White, 2012).
Question Six
According to Mason et al., the factors to consider when deciding whether to implement a traditional zone or an integrated (AD) DNS zone include- the type of zones, database replication topologies and administrative supervision available (Mason, 2012).
It is not preferable to integrate a DNS zone into AD when there are very many computers that have inadequate security measures.
Halwagi argues that the main factors to consider when deciding which particular DCs host DNS include- hardware requirements, the place you will place DNS servers for traffic loads on the network, number of DNS servers and if you will exclusively use all DNS servers or a combination of DNS server implementations (Halwagi, 2006).
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