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The increased developments in the technology sector have attracted increased attention to this branch of science making different authors to write articles that highlight different aspects of computer science. This essay will give a summary of ten different posts that relate to computer science. g…
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Posts Related to Computer Science
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Posts Related to Computer Science or Computer Technology Computer science is defined as a branch of science that specializes with studies that relate to computation theories and design of computers. In this regard, the increased developments in the technology sector have attracted increased attention to this branch of science making different authors to write articles that highlight different aspects of computer science. This essay will give a summary of ten different posts that relate to computer science.
To start with, the article “The Road to Natural Conversational Speech Interfaces” discusses how Virtual personal assistants (VPAs) are used to make work easier for people. The article further highlights on technical challenges required to achieve effectiveness in the use of VPAs. The article also explains on how the VPA architectures interact with user data in order to produce the intended results.
The second article, “Nano Optic Devices” highlights on the mechanisms used by a camera system to identify objects without using mirrors. The camera uses a lesser light to collect initial information. Finally, the raw data is processed using mathematical procedures in order to give the right image.
In the article, “New Amazon phone makes it easy to buy stuff ... from Amazon”, Gross explains how software features in the Firefly Phone can help making life easier. The Firefly is an image-, text- and audio-recognition technology. The technology can also help in carrying out functions such as sending emails and identifying foreign information.
The article “Computer gender-perception a valuable tool” explains how computer software can be used to award gender scores. Stacey states that a team of computer scientists and human anatomy professionals collaborated to develop the software. The software is able to award a gender score after recognizing a 3D face of subjects in question.
In the article “New web technology would let you track how your private data is used online”, Hardesty explains how computer scientists have developed a technology to safe guard crucial online transactions. Scientists from Decentralized Information Group developed a protocol by the name HTTP with Accountability that can automatically monitor uses of private data.
On another article, “New Computer Program Aims to Teach Itself Everything about Any Visual Concept”, we learn about a computer program that can be used to train people about anything online. Scientists from the University of Washington and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence developed the program, called Learning Everything about Anything (LEVAN), citing that it would help the browsers to understand their researches quickly.
The article “Copenhagen Airport Gives Thumbs up To Google Glass after Trial” highlights the success of a new technological invention by the Google Company. The gadget, known as Google Glass, is a computer with optical head mounted display. According to Burns, staff at Copenhagen Airport appreciated the new technology for having reduced the amount of paper work and facilitating efficiency in customer service in the company.
Additionally, the article “First Quantum Computer Proves No Faster than Classic PC” addresses a new development in computer technology. The article explains the development of quantum computer by D-Wave Systems Inc. The quantum computers are thought to be more effective in handling complex problems than the ordinary computers. However, the initial trials failed to prove the theory.
Further, the article “Tabletop 3D Laser Printer for Glass Micro Systems” also highlights advancements in computer technology. The article discusses about a new invention of a 3D Laser Printer that can print on glass. The technology allows the users to alter chemical properties of a glass and develop microstructures of their choice.
Finally, Shonesy explains how computer scientists have developed new software program that allows safe access to private data without using passwords in the article, “Passwords No More? Researchers Develop Mechanisms That Enable Users to Log In Securely Without Passwords. This program, referred to as Zero-interaction authentication, allows access to gadgets through identification of security tokens.
In conclusion, computer science has greatly revolutionized many human activities. From the above discussion, it is evident that technology plays a central role in many human activities currently. Therefore, it is important for stakeholders from different sectors of economy to contribute towards development of computer science. Read More
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