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The output of Israel elections that was held on 17th March 2015 is set to have great significance on its relationship with Palestine as far as its peace negotiations with Palestine is concerned. The Palestinians were paying less attention towards the Israeli elections as they did not have any anticipation towards its outcome. …
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The Israel election impact on Israel and Palestine negotiation
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The Israel election impact on Israel and Palestine negotiation The output of Israel elections that was held on 17thMarch 2015 is set to have great significance on its relationship with Palestine as far as its peace negotiations with Palestine is concerned. Even before the final outcome of the election was released, the Palestine government officials were already skeptical that a win by any candidate would lower the occupation of Israel in the West Bank. The two top contenders namely Benjamin Netanyahu and Isaac Herzog were deemed by the Palestinians as not likely to let go of West Bank.
The Palestinians were paying less attention towards the Israeli elections as they did not have any anticipation towards its outcome. The economy of Palestine has suffered greatly due to the withholding of more than 100million U.S dollars I form of taxes by the Israeli government which it collects on their behalf. The Palestinians have in the past witnessed a number of challenges owing to their strained relationship with Israel such as confiscation of their land, expansion of the Jewish occupied land, vandalism of their properties and torture of detainees. The ongoing negotiations have not had any impact on these events and the trends is not expected to change even after the elections.
Palestinians living in Gaza strip and West bank feel threated by the fact that the outcome of the election may lead stiffer conditions may laid on them. They ought to have been allowed to vote in the coming elections but the Israel Knesset has never ratified its constitution to allow non-Israel citizens residing within their borders to take part in the elections. The election outcome is likely to worsen the negotiations as the top contenders in the upcoming elections appear not to be in support of further negotiations. However, Israel is likely to come under pressure from the United Nations and European Union to continue with the peace negotiations after the elections. They will be required to re-launch the peace process with Palestinian authorities. As a result of these pressures, the negotiations are likely to go on despite its opposition by most Israeli’s government officials. The peace in the Middle East has been very elusive and the international community has cannot allow the negotiations to collapse even after the elections (Klein, 102-127).
The current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is the top contender in the forthcoming elections has indicated that he intends to make Israel a full Jewish state; a stand that the Palestinian authorities have decline to recognize and will continue to do so even after the elections. He reflected on his past speech in which he had indicated that a two-state solution was possible between Israel and Palestine but he reasoned that such a move was now not possible. The Israel authorities are increasingly concerned with the ever increasing threats from Iran and the neighboring Islamist Hamas movement which makes negotiations with Palestine almost impossible due to other outside interests.
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Klein, Menachem. A Possible Peace between Israel and Palestine: An Insiders Account of the Geneva Initiative. New York: Columbia University Press, 2007. Print. Read More
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