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Select one of the topics - Essay Example

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These plans are majorly on intention of making significant impact on the present geopolitical landscape. But the most important relationship United States needs to make…
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Select one of the topics
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Download file to see previous pages ing political, cultural and military interest in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and multilateral considerations including the nuclear proliferation that helps in reduction of tensions with the global Sunni Muslim to converge into the economic trade interests and conflicts.
The United States and Iran have been apart from each other since the Islamic revolution overthrow of the C.I.A backed shah that raised hostage crisis for decades. The two nations have been at loggerheads over Israel and the predicament of Palestinians, industrial intelligence and the nuclear weapon development. The “enemy of my enemy is my friend,” alliance of President Saddam Hussein while Iraq and Iran were fighting each other making the United State to come in1. The peace between the two nations, US and Iraq will offer a global breathing and respect which will later cause a significant progress of issues that have troubled most of the regions within the two and beyond2. United States on better terms with Iran can serve as a bridge maker between Saudi and other Arabs states that are hostile to Iran. This may have a great influence that helps to diminish the historical and progressively more and more dangerous threats between the Sunni and Shiite Muslim worlds.
Since President Obama was elected, every year, during the month of March, the president has issued a call for alliance directly to the people of Iran as they are celebrating the New Year of Nowruz. Nowruz is a word that suggests that the Iran isolation does not impress good for the world since all nations benefit from the talents and creativity of the Iranians. Peace is required between the two nations in order to help every individual to benefit from the new ideas of the people coming from these two countries.
Peace between U.S and Iran may globally steer growth and development between them. There may be various technological innovations through constant sharing of important ideas and living3. Further, peace between the two ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Select One of the Topics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Select One of the Topics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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