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What Every American Needs to Know about Israel/Palestine - Essay Example

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The Israel- Palestinian unrest is one of the world’s fundamental sources of instability. The paper "What Every American Needs to Know about Israel/Palestine" demonstrates that the goal of the website is to provide accurate and full information on the critical issue on the conflict…
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What Every American Needs to Know about Israel/Palestine
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Extract of sample "What Every American Needs to Know about Israel/Palestine"

What Every American Needs to Know about Israel/Palestine The Israel- Palestinian unrest is one of the world’s fundamental sources of instability. This conflict has continued to divide these two nations along differences of culture and superiority. The website, Confirms that the American government has direct connections to the conflict that exists between Israel and Palestine. The results of these increasing conflicts devastate American government (McTernan 24). These conflicts endanger or jeopardize the American government and her citizens. The goal of the website is to provide accurate and full information on the critical issue on the conflict. The information in the website enables the nation to have power and duty to find a resolution on this conflict.
Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer’s, 2007, “The Israel Lobby and the American Foreign Policy” affirm that Israel has grown to be an American liability. The pro-Israel has continued to grow too powerful. The Israel is shutting down peaceful talks with Iran and Syria. This prevents the American government from blaming Israel of the Lebanon war. This move by Israel pushes America not to organize the peaceful talk between Israel and Palestine. However, Jimmy Carter’s, 2008, “Peace not Apartheid,” offers a result that brings a permanent peace in Israel. Carter offers the Israel government with ideas on practice on justice and dignity. The peace negotiations between Egypt and Israel have helped shape the peace structure in the Middle East.
Ilan Pappe’s, 2006, “The Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestine,” is about the destruction of the Palestine’s property and their massacre. This led to driving away of millions of men, women, and the Palestine children. The Palestine left their country because of the unending unrest in the country. The best name to refer to this war and unrest was to be an ethnic cleansing. However, Findley, 1985, “People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby,” shows how Israel influences the United States. Israel has an influence in the States, even in the American’s sanctums. There is no doubt that Norman Finkelstein 2000 book explores the Nazi regime. The book manifests how Israel becomes stronger day by day. Israel is deemed as an asset in the nation. The book shows criticism of the Israel and her supporters. Lastly, Mark Green’s, “Persecution, privilege, and Power,” shows how Israel has grown and manifested itself to have power over many nations in the world. They develop the world’s privileges and demonstrate the power over the nations.
Several consequences arise from the conflict between Israelis and Palestine. The American economy will be affected because America will be using a lot of resources and financial assets to finance the group. The trading activities between Israelis, Palestine, and the rest of the world will reduce. This will affect the economy of the world, including the American diplomacy and economy. The United States support the Jewish Israelis because the American believes that these groups have the same or a similar ideology just as the Americans. The Americans believe that these groups are less ruthless than the Israelis who do not believe in Jesus (McTernan 84).
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McTernan, John. As America Has Done To Israel. New York: Whitaker House, 2008. Read More
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What Every American Needs to Know about Israel/Palestine Essay.
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