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Peace between Israel and Palestine - Essay Example

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a perennial problem in world politics. This never-ending and bloody struggle has been going on for so long that it has been waged for ages and continued for generations. It seems one of those disputes that it has seemed like an eternity that people seem to forget already the root of the conflict…
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Peace between Israel and Palestine
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"Peace between Israel and Palestine"

Download file to see previous pages This is no easy task but acceptance that this will never come into fruition is resulting to a defeatist stance that humanity cannot afford. The peace process is an arduous task that must be tackled with commitment and with realistic goals. The first step towards coming to an agreement and bringing the leaders of the two states back to the peace tables is to ensure that there will be a cease fire among all forces especially stealth attacks and those that would inflict casualties among civilians. This would necessarily entail a neutralization of the extremist groups which must be held accountable for without partiality or impunity. The most important disposition in both sides is the ardent belief that peace can be achieved. This must be built on an internal understanding and desire toward that purpose, otherwise, as had been persistently observed from Israel negotiators it will all for naught. The One Voice Movement offers an encouraging model that peace is not centrally for the benefit of groups, their interests and their spite. It is fundamentally about the people who themselves have understood that peace is the only way to stop all the fighting and cut the losses while there is still something left. The organization is made up of Palestinians and Israelis in their own land and those abroad through an international unit. This is a grassroots initiative aimed to remind and enlighten the two sides and the international community that “The majority of people on both sides realize that they have everything to gain by ensuring the independence and security of ‘the other’ and thus are prepared to compromise in order to do so” (One Voice Movement, n.p.). This conflict is rooted among the most fundamental issues that had defined many wars throughout world history. The recognition of religious differences cannot be disregarded in this political and cultural conflict. The Palestinian Arabs and the Jewish Israelis had been battling not only for land but also for identity. The 1967 War was a pivotal moment in this conflict. I agree with experts that the occupation of Palestinian lands by the Israeli forces was a definitive moment that aggravated the dispute into epic proportions. The destabilization by Israel over the Gaza Strip and its current notoriety must come to an end. The demand by Palestine over the return of this piece of the earth and more importantly of their refugees had been on-going for decades (Heise, n.d., pp.2-3). In this regard, a major change came almost too close, “The 2002 Arab Peace Initiative would have provided Israel recognition throughout the Arab world in exchange for a pullout from territory conquered in 1967” (The Associated Press, 2013, n.p.) These kinds of initiatives are what the time calls for. We cannot undermine the reality that external forces are necessary to move closer to that elusive peace. The land over which blood has been spilt has been claimed by both Israel and Palestine not only on territorial basis but more inherently by religious basis that transcend people and groups. This is why no matter how many changes have occurred through leadership and membership, their idealism remains. If there is something more moving than sheer idealism, it is religious idealism. The emphatic understanding of the call of the people who suffer and who live with the consequences of their leaders’ actions must prevail. In the international realm, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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