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Effect on US and EU by Israeli-Palestinian War and What Should Be Done - Research Paper Example

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The war between them continues to this day and there is no solution. This protracted war has four significant aspects. First, Palestine wants to destroy the state of Israel. Second, it wants to establish an…
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Effect on US and EU by Israeli-Palestinian War and What Should Be Done
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Extract of sample "Effect on US and EU by Israeli-Palestinian War and What Should Be Done"

Download file to see previous pages The war to destroy Israel by Palestine should be condemned. It would constitute an unjust war against the existence of Israel. However, the United Nations and European states fail to acknowledge the gravity of Palestine’s aspirations to destroy Israel. Palestinians have been seen to be continuously attacking Israeli civilians. Several countries had come forward with their own peace plans to end the war. The objective of these countries is to end the war between Palestine and Israel, and to establish peace in the region. Each plan is similar, which suggests the existence of two separate states with a recognized border along the present green line that divides both the states. It has even been suggested that there should be a mutual agreement between these two nations, in relation to their borders.
However, there is strategy regarding the process through which consensus will be arrived. There are widespread disagreements between these two nations in almost all aspects. Similarly, there is deep rooted hatred among the people against each other. Success can be assured if the Palestinians stop promoting terrorism and Israel stops expansionist moves by renouncing any further occupation.
In reality, Israel and Palestine do not find these options to be attractive. However, several political parties in these states have demanded of their government to adhere to renunciations. Fortunately, the peace movement is gaining momentum on both sides, and Palestinians are opposing Palestine terrorism (Walzer).
Israel is not only a small Jewish state in the Middle East region; it is also devoid of any natural resources. It is totally dependent on US support for its existence, which provides it with assistance to the tune of billons of US dollars, annually. In addition, the US also provides military and political support to Israel. The latter has been distinguished for its practice ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effect on US and EU by Israeli-Palestinian War and What Should Be Done Research Paper.
“Effect on US and EU by Israeli-Palestinian War and What Should Be Done Research Paper”, n.d.
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