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Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Issues in the Conservative Party - Essay Example

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This essay "Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Issues in the Conservative Party" dwells on the human resource phenomenon in each organization. Admittedly, human resource is important to every organization while at the same time it is the most fragile form of resource to manage…
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Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Issues in the Conservative Party
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Download file to see previous pages This assignment will examine the Conservative party in terms of its formation and the composition of its membership. Thereafter, it will look at the organisational structure, organisation culture and the leadership of the party. In addition this assignment will analyse the organisational behaviour and human resource impact on the operations of the party.
The party was established on the basis of inclusion, reform of abuses, organizational law and order, reformed and organised system of taxation, trade, and industry (Kohan 2008). In 2014 The Conservative Party is guided by principles such as a stronger economy at home, renewed respect abroad and real change in Europe ( Today under the leadership of David Cameron has consistently emphasized the twin principles of trust and shared responsibility (Cameron 2005a). Most frequently, reference has been made back to the 19th century, a period when problems of social dislocation and breakdown were resolved by local initiatives, embodying ‘a new spirit of responsibility’ combined with ‘freedom and self-help’ (Cameron 2005c). In today’s world this translates into David Cameron’s Big Society (
The Conservative Party needs to become more attractive both at the voluntary and professional level to a wider section of the population. The party needs to represent more women, people from different ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. It needs more MPs, associations Chairs, and party workers at all levels coming from different backgrounds. This assignment will focus on the current problem, why this has happened and whether it has been sufficiently identified by the party. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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