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Heather Fraser, Mae Shaw and Paulo Freires View of Communitarianism - Essay Example

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This essay is about communitarianism which is a true logical thinking responsible for explaining different concepts of independent socialism or collectivism . It is a theory that attempts to create a balance between individual rights and the entire community. …
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Heather Fraser, Mae Shaw and Paulo Freires View of Communitarianism
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Download file to see previous pages From the report findings it is clear a community represents a high level of employing an elementary preposition of political and social contribution. Neighbourhoods, families and churches all form part of the entire community despite the political and moral interpretations. Despite many differences across the globe, a community constitutes shared values and goals that coincide with the individual interests. In addition, community members have an instrumental value that built a personal relationship for different members to enjoy a sense of ownership. Most importantly, members of a community enjoy a sense of identity that allows them to enjoy various present conditions.
The paper states that friendship has been an instrumental factor in defining different relationships. On other hand, this has failed in many instances, as it does not converge solidarity. Arguably, this is because of communal concerns and other issues such as sexual practices as well as understanding of the universe. Above all, communitarianism remains a viewpoint that has significantly affected the community. Despite going through change from one community to another, the term community probably remains an umbrella words that has not change meaning but only use. In his book, Four different approaches to community participation Heather Fraser presents a theoretical orientation of communitarianism from different approaches. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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