Forces Initiating or Inhibiting Change in Organizations - Essay Example

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Corporate culture, consisting of the organization’s practices, beliefs and norms, starts from the founders, and transmitted by senior and top managers to succeeding employees. It may happen that a culture in a small organization with homogenous culture will not change for a longer time…
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Forces Initiating or Inhibiting Change in Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages The coming of new technology, Robins said, affects the jobs and the organization. There was a time when pagers were in vogue. It was a necessary communication tool for sales and field personnel, but cellular phones took them out of the picture. Computer knowledge is an added requirement for new employees, a necessity in almost all business outfits. Technology, likewise, affects a company or industry, especially the music industry with online downloads and sharing. He commented that genetic technology allows pharmaceutical corporations to produce drugs for particular individuals, which in turn produces a dilemma for insurance companies on who would be insured or not. With competition no longer confined within a geographic territory but globally, new products and services should be introduced for survival. With business deals being transacted and concluded online, technical and support units became part of the structure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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