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Culture contributed to the issues of power, politics, and leadership- Devil Wears Prada - Essay Example

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In organizations, employees like the five different fingers in human’s hand will be different from one another as most of them will have different characteristics, different attitudes, different education, etc, etc. Uniting these different humans and making them work under a…
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Culture contributed to the issues of power, politics, and leadership- Devil Wears Prada
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational culture is the set of key values, beliefs and attitudes shared by organizational members. Organizational culture is often created by company founders. (Chuck 2009). Thus, the one person who can formulate, actualize and operationalize an effective organizational culture will have to be an effective leader. The leader through many traits like power will implement or impose that culture. With the culture having been implemented, it will give rise to different responses from the employees bordering on both positive side as well as negative side. Negative side in the sense, there will be some negative office politics because of the imposition of the culture. This paper by focusing, “The Devil Wears Prada” will demonstrate how the organizational culture based issues of leadership, power and politics were portrayed in the film.
As leaders are the men/women in lead, they usually have a major impact on how the group initially defines and sets into an organization. Typically, the leaders have strong assumptions about the nature of the world, the role that organizations play in that world, the characteristics that make up human nature and relationships, how truth is arrived at, and how to manage time and space. They will, therefore, be quite comfortable in imposing those views and personal cultures, on their partners and employees as the organization copes with challenges and targets. This initial stage imposition of founder’s assumptions, as a form of good culture is one of the good leadership traits, because as the workers’ mind will be fresh in their new organizational setup, they will be motivated to adopt that new culture. Motivation is the set of forces that initiates, directs and makes people persist in their efforts over time to accomplish a goal. (Williams 2009). This new culture will consist of many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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