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Leadership and Management Skills of the Great Personalities of the Twentieth Century - Essay Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the leadership and management skills of the great personalities of the twentieth century such as Adolf Hitler, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Vissarrionovich Stalin and Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill…
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Leadership and Management Skills of the Great Personalities of the Twentieth Century
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Management Skills of the Great Personalities of the Twentieth Century"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that even though Adolf Hitler, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Vissarrionovich Stalin and Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill belong to different nations, and cultures, one of the common elements seen in the behaviors of these people was their leadership skills or man management power. In fact, people adorned these leaders very much and were ready to do anything instructed by these leaders. In other words, people had blind faith in the abilities of these great leaders. Even though Hitler and Stalin were popular in their countries alone, Churchill and Roosevelt were very much popular all over the world. Stalin and Hitler worked only for the wellbeing of their people whereas Roosevelt and Churchill worked for the wellbeing of the global community, In other words, Hitler and Stalin were regional leaders whereas Roosevelt and Churchill were global leaders. The ability to solve problems in crises was the major element of similarity in the leadership of these four great personalities of the twentieth century.  Adolf Hitler, a politician of Austrian German, became boss of Nazi party in 1921 and being appointed the position of Germany Chancellor in 1933. In 1934, Hitler has assumed the office of German leader. During the Second World War, he was additionally appointed as Supreme Commander of German Armed Force. He was widely accepted as the main trigger of the Second World War.A decorated veteran of World War I, Hitler joined the precursor of the Nazi Party (DAP) in 1919 and became the leader of NSDAP in 1921. He attempted a failed coup detat known as the Beer Hall Putsch, which occurred at the Bürgerbräukeller beer hall in Munich on November 8–9, 1923. Hitler was imprisoned for one year due to the failed coup, and wrote his memoir, "My Struggle" (in German Mein Kampf), while imprisoned. After his release on December 20, 1924, he gained support by promoting Pan-Germanism, antisemitism, anti-capitalism, and anti-communism with charismatic oratory and propaganda. He was appointed chancellor on January 30, 1933, and transformed the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich, a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideology of Nazism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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