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Why do most countries think United States of America is a powerful country - Essay Example

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This paper highlights that US historically has dominated the world political stage mainly due to its military power and that the gradual increase in its economic and technological powers also provided it the necessary support to remain the only super power in the world…
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Why do most countries think United States of America is a powerful country
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Extract of sample "Why do most countries think United States of America is a powerful country"

Download file to see previous pages United States of America is currently the most powerful country in the world with almost absolute superiority in almost every area of life. Its military strength, technological superiority and economic power are unmatched in the history of mankind. The superiority of United States of America effectively started after the end of the cold war when USSR was disintegrated and the concept of bipolar world failed as United States emerged as the sole super power of the world. However, the United States of America has a long history of its march towards achieving its status of the super power of the world. This essay will look into the historical account of the US’s journey towards the superiority besides discussing the factors behind the superiority of US.
American – Spanish War
The America-Spanish war is probably the moment which gave America an open ground to climb at the top of the world stage and the power it is enjoying now. This war gave America its first real exposure of being the future super power of the world. In the spring of 1898, the 10 week long war between America and Spain gave the America necessary victory it required to start its climb towards the super power game. The historical background of this war can be traced back to the Cuba’s civil war where Spanish excesses forced America to intervene in the War and establish its regional hegemony in the Caribbean. (Bethel, 1998). It was America’s first major war after the civil war and its first major foreign war in its brief history. With the death toll of 400 Americans, this war gave America an unqualified victory which opened the gates for this nation to the stage of being super power. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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