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In his book, The Post American World, Fareed Zakaria talks about the rise of other global powers aside from America. The opening statement gives an idea of the thesis of the book when he writes that, “This book is not about the decline of America but rather about the rise of everyone else (p. 1).”…
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The post American world
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Download file to see previous pages He goes further to analyze the growth of China and India in order to help his readers understand his thesis. He concludes that while China has not dislodged the U.S. as the most powerful nation, it the right time for the U.S. to understand that its role as world superpower has changed a lot. In order to build his case that, Zakaria focuses on the forces of politics, economy, and technology (p. 21). In a globalized world, a problem occurring in one country is likely to affect the rest of the world (p.31). The rise of other countries into powerful governments poses one challenge: the ability for nations to agree on various issues decreases. As the economies of other nations grow, the level of nationalism also increases. Proud citizens would want their country to be seen as the most powerful nation in the world (p.32). In the case studies, it can be noted that China, more than any nation in the world, has had its economy double every eight years for the last three decades. Throughout history, great nations have used their powers to spread their influence across the world. China is the latest entrant in this game expanding its influences not only in Asia but also throughout Africa (p. 115-119). The level of nationalism has increased such that Beijing is always acting in a bid to protect its self interests. This growth has gradually changed the political landscape such that China hardly dances to the tune of the United States. The other case discussed in the book is that of India, an ally to China. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Post American World Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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