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I Think Therefore I Am - Event Patterns and the Great Awareness - Essay Example

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In the essay “I Think Therefore I Am - Event Patterns and the Great Awareness” the author shares his empirical experience, in which a maxim of Descartes has filled with deep meaning for him. He learned to notice regularity in the environment, things seemed more alive, fluid, and interconnected…
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I Think Therefore I Am - Event Patterns and the Great Awareness
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Extract of sample "I Think Therefore I Am - Event Patterns and the Great Awareness"

Download file to see previous pages The external world (the me / not my perspective, object relative realm) and the internal or subjective world (still the me / not my perspective) dissolve into mere, albeit not lesser, discursive distinctions.  In this world, there are no longer two sides to the coin but rather simply just the coin.  Awareness becomes primary, solid, real; everything else becomes not less real but only the shadow of reality. 
I used to illustrate a point that I felt important, by altering a famous quote from Rene’ Descartes by adding a question: “I think, therefore I am, I think?”  Another way of altering the statement with the same relative meaning is, “I think I am, therefore I think I am.”  This poor fellow was wrapped up in trying to make conscious contact with a ground level being from which all other things of a true and real nature could be deduced.  In Buddhist psychology, we find that there are levels of reality or ‘mind’ that are accessible at a deeper level than the identity of the thinking self or imagined self that Descartes wished to discover.  This ‘being’ or ‘isness’ is a state of consciousness that is previous to the ‘me not me’ perspective in which the individual distinguishes objects that are ‘not me’.  I call this state “Awareness Is”.  This is a state in which awareness has no object, including itself, of which to be aware.  It is Raw Awareness.  Let’s call this state pure potentiality. 
The main purpose of this work is to explore this pure potentiality, Raw Awareness.  With an examination into the logical error inherent in Descartes’ initial meditations, the concept of the primal consciousness begins to emerge.  This will be done with an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of a logical approach and the use of inquiry followed by a discussion of energy patterns and synchronicity.  The ideas of David Bohm and Jiddhu Krishnamurti will be investigated in keeping with the concept of the primacy of consciousness and the unfolding experience.  Ideas brought forward through Eastern Mysticism, reports of near-death experiences, paranormal Martial Arts phenomenon, Taoist tenets, Human psychic phenomenon, ancient myths, the concepts revolving around the immortality of the single-celled organism, M-theory, Spinoza and Leibnitz will help to explore various means by which we have attempted to both answer the question of the primacy of consciousness and reconnect with this inner awareness.  Finally, from a naturalist, quantum physicist, Taoist, and iconoclastic perspective, it is suggested that Awareness in its purest form is the substrate of all perceived existence but that the existence of consciousness is contingent upon a physical existence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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