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Ingredients for Success at Maples - Research Paper Example

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Organizational Behavior Ingredients for Success at Maples Albert Reese Submitted to Dr. Tranquilo Ingredients for Success at Maples In the study of organizational behavior, goal setting, motivation, coping with stress, and recognizing nonverbal and cultural barriers to effective communication are some of the important considerations…
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Ingredients for Success at Maples
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"Ingredients for Success at Maples"

Download file to see previous pages The company I have chosen to research for this assignment is Maples and Calder. Specifically, I am focused on the position of Assistant Manager of Operations at their Cayman Islands site. I have chosen this particular company because it exemplifies the qualities I value in a company. They are a professional international law firm that helps financial, institutional and business clients around the world to safeguard and build their financial and global security by advising them on the laws of the Cayman Islands, Ireland, and British Virgin Islands. I respect a service orientation in business. They recruit and pay attention to retaining top legal and professional talent, requiring that their people demonstrate initiative, responsibility, and help Maples to grow. Along with these business basics, they emphasize being likeable, well-rounded, and respectful of colleagues, clients and themselves. They value quality work but also place great value on their approach to each other. I am impressed by this balance in their recruitment and retention thinking. I think one can learn a lot about a company’s values by careful inspection of their website. ...
Instead of bragging about how rich, ambitious and accomplished they are, they turned the focus onto some intriguing employee profiles. I found this a mature and effective way to give clients insight into company resources and competence, and to hold out a clear recruitment standard, at the same time. They particularly stressed their legal team, of course, but they also included some support staff, showing that they recognize and value both. This, along with a statement of their commitment to the client, and not merely the transaction, indicates Maple’s appreciation of the micro-environment and not only of the macro-environment. The company provides opportunities for continuing education, and they have innovative training programs in place. One of the profiles revealed that Maples had generously sponsored a clerk all the way through law school, and then promoted her to the legal team. They also emphasize the collegiate atmosphere of their company, and how they value innovation. I was left with an impression that they value dynamic inquiry and personal growth, things I also value. Of course, the Cayman Islands provide a tropical paradise backdrop and ocean resort lifestyle for this career opportunity. The Cayman Islands is an international financial and business center, so again I like the balance I see in this living equation. I am under no illusions about how hard I would need to work to retain a position that is obviously a dream job, but I also think that this location would provide both beach time and powerful contacts. Should I ever want to sample a larger world than the Cayman Islands provides, Maples has branches in Dubai, Hong Kong, Dublin, London, and British Virgin Islands. A job description for my targeted position, as Assistant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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