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What are the key ingredients of building a successful team - Essay Example

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Accomplishments that are made in the form of groups are much more satisfying for the employees and meaningful for the organization than individual’s achievement because this enlarges the scope of success and helps unite the members of the workforce. …
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What are the key ingredients of building a successful team
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"What are the key ingredients of building a successful team"

Download file to see previous pages The previous quotation summarized the process of building a team, as it is starting with two or more people interacting with one another, to accomplish an objective or goal through performing independent tasks, with individual accountability, per person evaluation focus and the rewards as well.Accomplishments that are made in the form of groups are much more satisfying for the employees and meaningful for the organization than individual’s achievement because this enlarges the scope of success and helps unite the members of the workforce. A team, on the other hand differs from a group particularly on its individual tendency, shared values and goals. The purpose behind forming any team is the search for success on the project assigned to its members. The following paragraphs highlight key ingredients that are necessarily required to build team spirit in the organizational personnel. Shared decision making: Managers should seek the opinions of all employees while making decisions. This tells the employees that their opinion is valued, and they feel respected. Also, quite often, employees become a very good source of information and provide managers with innovative ideas. Consulting them is always a good idea. This also males the employees feel themselves part of the larger organization. Foster collaboration and group rewards: Employees derive a lot of positive feelings from the success of the team. Accomplishments that are made in the form of groups are much more satisfying for the employees and meaningful for the organization than individual’s achievement...
As a result of the interaction, all members of the team become aware of the current status of the work from all aspects. Employees may avail meetings as an opportunity to discuss the problematic areas with their colleagues or managers as required. Meetings grow much more in importance in such a work setup where employees work at distance and do not often get to meet one another. In order to make the meetings most beneficial, managers should try to incorporate virtual means of conducting meetings. These days, teleconferencing and videoconferencing are increasingly being employed as a means to conduct the meeting as they provide the participants with the facility to attend the meeting without having to cover long distances to reach the location decided for it. Clear roles and responsibilities: In order to make everyone do his/her part of the job, it is imperative that everybody is clearly made aware of his/her respective duties and job responsibilities. Incomplete knowledge of job responsibilities and limitations causes the employees to enter into dysfunctional conflicts with one another. The conflicts totally ruin their interrelationships and distort the bond among them. In order to make the work flow smoothly and without conflicts, managers should tell each and every employee his/her duty both in their individualistic and collective tasks. This also has many added advantages. This reduces the chances of duplication of effort by employees for achieving certain things. Likewise, it is made sure that no areas are left unaddressed. Support: There is no doubt in the fact that everyone needs help, so there should be no shame in asking for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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