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Investigating and Developing Ready-to-Eat Desserts - Dissertation Example

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The dissertation is drawn from a range of sources to examine the market's size, drivers, and the supply structure. Its complete intelligence system brings together a wide-ranging research data across six continents, in-depth analysis in the chilled dessert market sector…
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Investigating and Developing Ready-to-Eat Desserts
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Extract of sample "Investigating and Developing Ready-to-Eat Desserts"

Download file to see previous pages This dissertation reveals that the market for chilled desserts is estimated to be worth 302 million in 2004, which showed an increase of 29% since 1999. The market is split into two key sectors, loosely described as 'sharing desserts' and 'fresh cakes', which includes fresh in-store bakery items as well as pre-packed sliced cakes and desserts. The dessert sector is larger with 51% value share delivering a 13% growth across the period since 2000. However, it is the fresh cake sector, which has driven the largest growth, 40% up from its 2000 value to account for 49% of the category. A report by the 'Mintel' group has some interesting findings and is worth discussing.
Mintel International group, which is a market research and consumer intelligence group, provides expert analysis on all aspects of consumers' economic activity. Mintel's latest report is based on an up-to-date market and original consumer research and offers ideas and motivation one needs for designing clever, creative and profitable marketing plan in the chilled desserts market.
In conclusion, Mintel's report has been designed to help identify the important factors that determine the scale and nature of the UK chilled dessert market.
Mintel's consumer intelligence is supposed to provide valuable insight to unlock some of the secrets of the dessert market for the more effective-and more profitable-business plan.
The findings show that 48% of the consumers have eaten ready-to-eat desserts in the last 12 months while 32% believe that frozen foods are as good as fresh ones. Women are 50% more likely to buy cheesecake (34% versus 25%) and 33% more likely to buy a cream cake than men (32% versus 20%).

Research design

Shop Research
For the shop research, visit was made to Tesco food joint in Trent Vale. I surveyed the range of desserts, both frozen and chilled and made notes of the products, the main ingredients, the price, packaging, and portion size. The survey result is shown in the following table:
Type of dessert
Price (per head)

Portion size
Tiramisu Italian dessert
Cream and chocolate topped chocolate cookie crust
Cardboard and plastic
Serve 8
Not too soft to the touch
Chocolate tart with cranberries
Chocolate, cranberries
Serve 12-16
Butter, sugar, cream, vanilla, yolks, milk
Lemon pudding
Lemon, cream, sugar,
Tunisian lemon pudding
Almond and lemon topped with cream and fresh berries
Cardboard and plastic
Serve 12
Soft to touch but not too soft
Ranking order *1,2,3,4
The survey revealed that most desserts are packed for 8 to 12 people, so price for individual portion had to be worked out by taking out the averages. Most of the desserts were served in porcelain plate or bow. Packaging is done either in plastic or cardboard or both. The individual price range of all the desserts was within 2 except Tiramisu Italian dessert individual portion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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