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Career Development Programs and Services in Schools - Essay Example

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The reporter underlines that historically speaking, counseling is not a new phenomenon; initially, it had started in the discipline of psychology or a branch of behavioral psychology. Moreover, counseling has its beginnings, both historically as an emerging discipline and daily as a particular activity, in many different professions…
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Career Development Programs and Services in Schools
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Extract of sample "Career Development Programs and Services in Schools"

Download file to see previous pages It helps us in deciding which occupation is most suitable for us according to our personality. Through career development, we can also judge our mental capabilities, our area of interest and so on. In the modern era, life is going very fast day by day, in this scenario, career guidelines and career development centers are very productive to helping the students. In the hustle bustle of life, adults become very confused and disorientated, cannot able to recognize their own interest. They need some proper channel for choosing their career. In this proposal, I have focused on the development of the adult students in the schools. If the adults have got proper training or guideline from the schools, resultantly they will become very much clear about their direction. Career development is very necessary for the well being of the character of the students. It enhances their abilities and refines their thoughts.
“Career development is the planning of one’s career and the implementations of the career plans by means of education, training, jobs, search and acquisition, and work experiences. If we look at the process more from the perspective of the organization, the career development is the process of guiding the placement, movement, and growth of employees through assessment planned training activities, and planned job assignments” (Garavan, 1990).
Career guidance comes under the field of counseling which places an emphasis on the significance of curiosity. The basis of a career decision happens to be the knowledge that you have of your own self and the way you project yourself into the future. A consideration is also taken of the skills, preferences and requirements. Through it, the anxieties and assumptions of the future have a great impact upon them. These have an important link with the past and they are the determination of the degree to which the options are flexible and adventurous. The decision procedure is made further complicated and formidable due to the initial decisions being made when there is a lot of ambiguity.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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