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What efforts should we make to maintain wild animals populations Should we maintain or should we not - Essay Example


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What efforts should we make to maintain wild animals populations Should we maintain or should we not

We are all of us in this together. People often make a real distinction between humans and animals. They act as if animals are just living machines. That their feelings and actions don't matter, and that only humans are important in this world. They often fail to understand that humans are animals too. They also fail to distinguish between types of animals. Often humans care less about animals that they do not know. Few people care that a deer was shot in the woods by a hunter, but if a hunter came and shot Fido, a person's pet dog, that person would be very upset. This is generally the way people think: the closer a person is to the animal, the more they care. The truth is that as our cities grow, we are getting close to many wild animals. We need to find a way to take their lives into account. We need to find a way to help protect them from the environmental depredations which we are visiting on much of the world. Our lives are intertwined, a fact that constitutes the heart of the poem by Stafford. One of the things we need to do to help save wild animal populations is to slow down growth and be considerate of traditional animal migratory patterns. In Stafford's poem a deer is killed by a car. Building highways through places where wild animals live and travel is not a good idea.

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We are taking more and more land from animals. This happens as cities grow in the United States. We need to consider the consequences of these actions, for they have very severe consequences for the wild animals that play a major role in our world. …
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What efforts should we make to maintain wild animals populations Should we maintain or should we not
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