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Aggression in Animals: A Tool For Survival - Article Example

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The paper “Aggression in Animals: A Tool For Survival” looks at aggression in animals, which is one of the major behavior traits. As behavior is a result of innate traits responding to external environmental factors, one can say that aggression is a result of the stimulus from environmental situations…
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Aggression in Animals: A Tool For Survival
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Download file to see previous pages As ‘aggression’ is one of the behavior traits displayed by animals, it is also a result of the information processing that takes place in their brain. Scott (1966) defines agonistic aggression as “behavior patterns having the common functions of adaptations to the situation involving physical conflict between members of the same species” (Nelson, 2006, p.3). Hence, to understand why animals aggress, it is important to study the mechanism that causes animals to behave in a particular way.
The behavior of an animal depends on the way its brain is designed ( Buller, 2005, p.51). The brain functions on the basis of two things. The first is the information stored in the brain about the environmental conditions and the second is the information stored in the brain about the animal’s perception of the environment. The brain of the animal is constantly updating the information regarding the consistent changes in the environment (Buller, 2005, p.51). It also has information about the animal’s goals, desires, plans and expectations in regards to the environment (Buller, 2005, p.51). The combination of these two types of information processing in the brain leads to the development of a certain behavior pattern in animals. The interesting point is that this information is not consistent. It keeps on changing according to the changes in the environment and the changing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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