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Ferrets As Pets-Their Habits and Behavior - Coursework Example

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This work called "Ferrets As Pets-Their Habits and Behavior" demonstrates possibilities of keeping ferrets as pets at home. The author outlines their ration, habits, food, peculiarities of their behavior. From this work it is clear that it is impossible to keep them at home, they are used to exist in wild nature…
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Ferrets As Pets-Their Habits and Behavior
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Extract of sample "Ferrets As Pets-Their Habits and Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, even though ferrets are often used as laboratory animals for testing vaccines and drugs they really do not help in the development of new-age technology. Thus it can be said that keeping ferrets as pets is not a very safe option and no matter how exotic it sounds people need to consider a lot of things before bringing home one.
Keeping a pet animal at home necessarily means meetings every single need of the animal and this includes providing them with a diet that suits their physiology. However, in most cases, domesticated animals are given specially formulated food over their natural diet. Ferrets, even the domesticated ones are strictly carnivorous inhabit. Their teeth structure, gastrointestinal structure, and body enzymes are all meant for a purely carnivorous diet.
The European polecat, scientifically called Mustela putorius, is considered to be the ancestor of ferrets. The European polecat was also a strict carnivore and its natural diet consisted of small birds and other small vertebrates (Johnson-Delaney. 2014). However, after domestication ferrets are barely given a carnivorous diet and are either fed cat or dog food or specially formulated ones that meet the ferret’s nutrient needs. It is not necessary that the ferrets like what they eat since in spite of evolution they are basically carnivorous yet domestication and restriction have forced the domesticated ferrets to adapt themselves to the diets provided to cats and dogs. In many cases, pet owners are often careless about the expiry date of such products risking the ferret’s life. Recently, FDA detected Salmonella, in pet food products produced by Natura and this simply proves that by keeping ferrets at home and restricting them to a diet that humans have designed, these creatures are at the risk of being exposed to multiple problems and diseases (Fuller-Wright, 2013). Like all other animals, even ferrets have a habitat range which is the minimum area required by a ferret to rest, play, hunt, and mate. The range is a basic need for any animals since it defines the activity and the social structure of the animal. Radio collaring studies conducted to estimate the seasonal specific and gender-specific range of ferrets have revealed that movement and range of ferrets did not differ much either from season to season nor between males and females. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Ferrets As Pets-Their Habits and Behavior Coursework)
Ferrets As Pets-Their Habits and Behavior Coursework.
“Ferrets As Pets-Their Habits and Behavior Coursework”.
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