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This paper seeks to explore two contrasting perspectives that present diverse ideas and justification if animals should or should not be used for medical research. There is enough evidence to support the argument that animals are suitable for medical research…
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Should Animals be used in Medical Research
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that in their strong defense proponents of this perspective argue that various measures are in place to ensure animals used in research are handled in the most humane way possible. First, animals should only be used under the condition that the solution can only be found through them, and no other method or way can be applied in such studies to give accurate information. Secondly, to help reduce the harm, three principles are applied. The first one is replacement where researchers should endeavor to find alternatives before they settle on animals as the subjects. In this regard, human volunteers, as well as computer techniques, can be used in place of animals to minimize any likely harm they may be exposed to.
This paper makes a conclusion that the question of whether animals should be used in medical research has been clearly answered by the two arguments discussed. As seen, the debate is deeper than it can be imagined. However, what comes out precisely is the theme of morality vs. science. While the first perspective insists that it violates animal rights for the benefit of humanity, the second perspective counter neutralizes this by asking if it is moral to watch humans suffer yet animals can save them. Judging from the justifications presented by the latter, it is proper to draw a conclusion that animals should be used for medical researches especially when the three highlighted principles are observed. This way, the human species will stay healthy to protect the animals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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