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Researched Personal Argument on pro-hunting - Essay Example

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When individualized efforts input towards achieving a certain goal seem fruitless, an individual may decide to try another strategy to achieve the goal. Similarly, this is the case with a group of people who are identified as urban onlookers. They have endeavored to see that…
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Researched Personal Argument on pro-hunting
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Extract of sample "Researched Personal Argument on pro-hunting"

Download file to see previous pages Their argument with regard to this controversial activity of hunting is that a legal solution will ensure that people will no longer rely on hunting for a living. This will have been as a result of it being made impossible to continue hunting under animal protection by legal intervention. Thus, forbidding hunting using legal channels, as is being seen from the point of view of the urban onlookers, is seen to shed light to a brighter future of the wild animals. This is, especially, for those animals which have been hunting targets for the human beings. There exists, also, another perception which is from a slightly different point of view from the previously mentioned one above. This is the one in which the legal intervention is seen as the beginning of a journey towards a complex system of causal activities which will indefinitely continue with the seeking of wild animals’ liberation from the oppression by human being hunters. These activities referred to in this former statement are such those that will probably ensure that the human being activities within the environment affect it in a positive ways. First in the list of these activities according to Harvey is the replacement ways of modern agriculture which are unkind and damaging the environment with better ones (Par. 21). Harvey also suggests the employment of an entirely new form of land management (par. 21). Activities which would also bring harmony between those residing in the town and the rest of the population in the other parts of the country are also part of the causal activities which would unfold once the legal employment of protecting wildlife from human being hunters is established. However, this perspective of resolving the issue between hunters, the hunted and the environment has elicited varied criticism. Being also inclined to the opinion of the critics of Harvey’s argument, I tend not to support the establishment of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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