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Gun tragedies are frequently taking place throughout the world. Research indicates that only in United States of America the rate of gun homicides is 72% i.e. of every 100 homicides 72 are committed using guns (Stray)…
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Against gun control
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"Against gun control"

Download file to see previous pages Gun tragedies are frequently taking place throughout the world. Research indicates that only in United States of America the rate of gun homicides is 72% i.e. of every 100 homicides 72 are committed using guns (Stray). There are some people who are actually against the control of guns. Though they are very few in numbers yet their argument is far substantial as compared to those who are in favor of it. This paper aims to put forward the arguments from both sides while maintaining a firm position against it. Thesis Gun control is a significant need of today’s world in order to protect and safeguard humanity. However if one would closely analyze the overall situation then it is easy to identify that the real issue is not with the access and availability of guns, but rather the main problem is with the people and their peculiar mentality which compels them to harm or kill others. Therefore the present strategies related to gun control do not seem much beneficial and neither have they shown any decrease in the rate of crimes. People in favor of gun control usually emphasize upon the affects and influence of external environment. However, they neglect the fact that most of the human actions are driven by an internal force or motivation which is not only uncontrollable but it is also only under the influence of one’s mind. Therefore it would be more favorable to change the overall mindset of people rather than implementing laws regarding gun control through an outside force. Evidence In order to understand the concept of gun control and why few individuals stand against this argument, it is substantial to first look at why the government agencies want to remove guns from the society. The answer to this lies in the current statistics of homicides and other criminal activities such as bank robbery, theft, kidnapping, etc. Guns are largely considered to facilitate the overall crimes especially homicide because of its distinguishing features (Myers). For instance, it is significantly easier for a gun holder to kill someone from a distance. Similarly it is a very handy weapon which can be easily kept in pockets or in bags. People who are shot by these guns due to any reason undergo serious injuries which prove fatal most of the times. Therefore the legislation is forced to remove guns from societies and to limit its use so as to grant maximum protection to the citizens. However, the most important point which they fail to consider is the hidden mentality and the real attitude of people which compels them to get indulged into such crimes. For instance, if an individual has determined to kill someone then he could do that through a knife or other weapons as well, representing that guns are not a necessary element of criminal acts. This indicates that it is far better to work on the mentality and human nurture rather than gun control since the former would generate more substantial results on long term basis. Research and analysis of the subject clearly indicates that people who are in practice of using guns are of the point of view that the use of gun is actually not the real issue rather the problem lies in the attitude of people (Sherfinski). Gun possession and its use to save the dignity of an individual is the most significant constitutional right. However with the legislation of gun control, this right of the population is challenged while the real issue remains the same i.e. the ever increasing rate of crime. The seemingly simple elimination of guns from the society is in real the removal of protection and liberty of masses which will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gun control
A conflict of interests therefore seems to arise between the two positions. On a theoretical level however, it can be seen that the fundamental issue is one of control and restriction: What is the justifiable degree of restriction appropriate to gun ownership and use?
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Those who are in favor of gun ownership argue that the same can protect the civilians from aggression. On the other side, those who are in favor of gun control argue that gun control can reduce violence in the society. Still, modest restrictions on civilian gun ownership prove that the same cannot guarantee the lives of civilians in general.
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Gun control is a move that aims at neutralizing the abuse of gun use in the public spheres that has become a source public criticism over the years. Statistics indicate that in United states gun violence has contributed to a higher rate of killing than even road accidents.
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Currently, both the national and state governments have provisions concerning gun ownership. However, there is a diverse opinion of states over the issue. Some states lack any form of regulation while others have stringent gun control laws. Although the gun control laws came into place in order to curb murder rates, an analysis into the realistic data reveals otherwise.
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Such a trend may converge to negative utility and occurs in many aspects of possessions and applications. This develops a perspective that despite the magnitude of benefits that can be derived from a commodity, the commodity may be a threat under some level of possession and scope of use.
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