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The paper «Expediency of Banning Possession of Weapons in the US” summarizes such policy has proven to be ineffective. The main danger is not the weapon as such, but the personalia of its owner, the degree of his civic consciousness, which need to be strengthened by the responsible authorities…
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Expediency of Banning Possession of Weapons in the US
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Persuasive Essay against Gun Control Based on recent data available to the public from the manufactures guns in the US, more than 300 million fire are in the hands of civilians alone with more than half being hand guns (Agresti & Smith, 2010). These statistics clearly indicate that guns have been widely used by the citizens for the benefit of the society for years. Banning or controlling guns is not an option for the advantages that comes with holding a gun out ways the disadvantages for it doesn’t address the real concern.
Merely controlling gun use is itself ineffective and that has been seen in the States that tried to ban their citizens against using hand guns as was the case in Washington, D.C. The fact that guns help citizens protect themselves in the hands of criminals is by far very essential for the overall security and investment in any country (Stossel, 2008).
For a fact, the reason behind gun control is in fact failing to address the real issue. Many advocates for the control have for years failed to address the real issue of insecurities in many states. The real issue behind gun violence and crimes is not really the handgun itself, but one may argue that the issue is with the owner of the guns (Peterson, 2010).
Finally, those who argue for gun control state that two-thirds of homicides are directly related to gun held by civilians. Nonetheless, even when government controls the guns murderer being human will resort to other methods for their act.
In conclusion, gun control is not a solution to our crime and security threat solution. It is upon the government to protect its citizens. Controlling guns is an ineffective approach and should be discouraged by all means for it will not solve the real issue.
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