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Five approaches to qualitative research - Coursework Example

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The ethnographic method is based on the field of anthropology, wherein a specific culture or subculture is examined by an outsider through observation, interview, collection and interpretation of cultural artifacts, and conducting secondary research. Ethnography involves an…
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Five approaches to qualitative research
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Download file to see previous pages This research problem focuses on the way of life of the members of the skin bleaching community, a community wherein a White complexion is almost an obsession. The purpose of this research is to observe and interview several members of this community and identify the practices that are distinctive to them. The ethnographer will observe the daily activities of this community and determine the underlying reasons for their practices.
The ethnographic method enables a researcher to have a direct and personal look with the culture s/he wants to study. It puts the researcher at the center of the study, normally letting them to take part in the community or culture they aim to understand. The array of topics for ethnographic study is vast. Ethnographers can observe or examine the extraordinary or the ordinary. Since ethnography gives room for the researcher’s subjectivity, it puts the researcher in an exclusive, distinctive position where expressive interpretations and expression of emotions are allowed.
The purpose of field research is to observe, understand, and interact with individuals in their normal environment. Field research involves observation in the natural or actual setting and of the daily lives of the individual under study. Field research may be described as a blanket term that involves the numerous tasks that field researchers carry out when they gather data—participation, observation, interview, and analysis of artifacts or documents produced by the individuals they study. An example of a field research question is: what are the different factors that influence the motivation and job satisfaction of employees in financial institutions? This research problem relates to the various factors (e.g. salary, benefits, interpersonal relations, etc.) that affect the job performance of employees in financial institutions, such as banking organizations. The purpose of this research is to directly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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