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American politics and parties - Essay Example

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Nominations at the preprimary level are intra-party nominations. The party members in a particular state meet to endorse a member who can represent their party for a…
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American politics and parties
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Download file to see previous pages etermine whether they will further have to narrow down the number of candidates to the expected number or they can keep the selected members till the period close to the time of the primaries. The members select these nominees in relation to popularity among state’s members.
Direct Primary Nomination for State and Congress offices takes place before the general election. One nominee is selected from among the selected nominees during the preprimary nominations. The selected nominee becomes the candidate to go for the States or Congress office. In the general elections, these elected congress and state officers, Electoral College, elect the President. The political party with the most seats in States and Congressional offices is able to pass their presidential candidate during the general elections although today it might not be always the case.
Delegates are divided among the states by the national parties by apportioning them in relation to the number of voters in each state. The higher the number of votes a state has, the more the number of delegates they select from that state. The most populated cities such as New York is apportioned more delegates than other smaller cities. In my opinion, this is the case because there are more people being represented in one city than the other. Therefore to ensure even representation, the delegates are selected in relation to percentage other than state.
The Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the U.S. select their presidential candidates by the process of primary elections. Nomination process starts when voters choose delegates from their states to attend a national party convention to elect their party’s presidential candidate. This is followed by the selected delegates, attending a party’s national convention whereby they select their preferred presidential candidate. The delegates select for a presidential candidate as per the preference or their states. Therefore, the more popular, aspiring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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