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DQ 4 and DQ 5 - Research Paper Example

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During the contemporary period, it can be seen that change is inevitable in the healthcare system in order to develop the knowledge of the workers so that they can keep pace with the changes they may encounter in their operations. In this scenario, it can be seen that nurses…
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DQ 4 and DQ 5
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Extract of sample "DQ 4 and DQ 5"

During the contemporary period, it can be seen that change is inevitable in the healthcare system in order to develop the knowledge of the workers sothat they can keep pace with the changes they may encounter in their operations. In this scenario, it can be seen that nurses need to be cross-trained to work independently on another unit. Each nurse could choose the unit, to which she or he will be cross-trained, or every unit could "buddy" with another unit, and all staff from each unit would be cross-trained. There are different measures that can be taken by the nurse leader to implement the proposed change mentioned above.
In order to successfully implement change in the unit, the leader needs to involve other members of the unit so that they can share the same vision with the leader. This is aptly stated in the following statement: “Perhaps one of the most significant shifts that has occurred in the workplace relates to the change in the workers themselves,” (O’Grady, 2003, Part 1, p. 106). Thus, it is imperative to change the mindset of the employees so that they can also change their approach to their work. This can also help them to develop knowledge which can be used in their respective units. In order to achieve this feat, O’Grady (1998, p1, as cited in Grossman & Valiga, 2009) describes the following rules that can be taken in order to implement change in the organization: “Make no exceptions” where the leader should make an effort to involve everyone in the change process. The other rule is the nurse should “read the signs” where the leader ought to be aware of the changes that may be taking place in the environment apart from the healthcare system. This also involves empowering the employees concerned so that they can take a leading role in implementing change. The other rule is that the leader should “construct new architecture” which is concerned with supporting the people so that they can integrate the new practices in the envisaged change process.
Basically, the leader in this scenario should focus on creating social awareness among the followers so that they can also share the same vision for change with him. This will help the leader to be in a position to inspire the workers to adopt change in their operations. “Most followers want comfort, routine, stability,
and good problem solving,” (O’Gradyy, 2003, Part 2, p. 173). It is also important for the leader to know that change is an ongoing process hence the need to constantly involve the employees in this change process in order to achieve the desired goals. An effective leader needs to create social awareness about the needs and interests of the employees so that they can readily accept change in the unit. Thus, in order for change in this unit to be successful, staff relationship should not be compromised as suggested by O’Grady (2003, Part 1). This will also help the employees in the unit to develop trust in their leader.
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Grossman and Valiga (2003) suggest four different kinds of futures that need to be applied to the workplace in order to act as a positive agent for change. In my case, I see the following futures applying to my career in five years from now. Valiga (1994) states that, “The possible future is what can occur if some changes are made in the current state of affairs” and he also states that “The plausible future is what is likely to occur when specific efforts are made to accomplish goals.” As such, I am going to use these two futures to illustrate how I will apply them to my workplace now and within the next five years. I will also illustrate in this paper how I will act as a positive agent for change during this process.
I am currently enrolled in the RN and have prospects to continue to BSN program. I have been teaching Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) courses which include Basic Life Support, Heart Saver, and First Aid under the guidelines of the American Heart Association through a community-training center since 2003. In addition, I have over 17 years of community volunteer work educating others in life saving skills, promoting healthy life style, teaching various health topics to both general community and healthcare providers alike. I plan to complete the RN to BSN program and obtain part time or full time employment as an Instructor, perhaps for a License Practical Nursing (LPN) program at a local college. Furthermore, I would like to enroll in the Master in Science of Nursing Educator Track. This will enable me become a teaching assistant one day and subsequently a professor at a local College or University. I can also be in a position to motivate and inspire students to become future scholars.
In my case, I will try to think out of the box and look beyond the usual state of affairs in the department. This is aptly stated in the following statement: “A good leader is always challenging the status quo,” (O’Grady, 2003, Part 2p. 177). This goes hand in hand with the first future mentioned above. Indeed, I will challenge the status quo not because it is bad but because I would be doing it in order to constantly improve my skills and knowledge. This will help me to keep pace with the changes that can take place in the environment since we live ever changing environment. Through challenging the status quo, I see myself holding a senior position in my teaching profession. I will also set goals for myself and I will make an effort to accomplish them. O’Grady (2003, part 1) posits to the effect that commitment is vital in order to achieve the desired goals in life. In as far as this future is concerned, I will commit myself to work very hard so that I can act as an agent for positive change. Thus, through commitment and dedication, I view myself as an accomplished educator in the next five years and I will be able to motivate others to do the same thing in their careers.

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Valiga, T. (1994). Leadership for the future. Holistic Nursing Practice, 9(1), 83-90. Read More
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