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Patient Coming to Clinic for Arthritis in Knee - Case Study Example

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In the paper “Patient Coming to Clinic for Arthritis in Knee” the author provides health assessment on patient coming to the clinic for arthritis in the knee. Mr. P is a managed 55 years. He is a married man with two children. Mr. P is 175 cm tall weighing 105 kilograms…
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Patient Coming to Clinic for Arthritis in Knee
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Extract of sample "Patient Coming to Clinic for Arthritis in Knee"

Download file to see previous pages Mr. P has not been suffering from any other disease apart from the problem with joints pain and swelling. He has never been admitted to hospital. His knees had swollen again in January 2009 but he never took any medicine, the problem went away by its own.
Surgical History:
Mr. P has never undergone any surgery in his life time. Even after suffering from knee and joint pain he did not go for medical check-ups.
Mr. P develops hey fever which heals itself after a few days. He develops nose irritation, itching, sneezing, and the eyes turn red.
Mr. has not visited the hospital for examination but buys antibiotics like aspirin and pain killers from shops.
Review of Systems:
Mr. P developed the following symptoms; abdominal pain, difficulty swelling, malaria, tenesmus, nausea, diarrhea, and unintentional weight loss.
Sometimes he develops spear headache.
He has developed red and irritating eyes. He also has eye pain and experiences visual changes
Mr. P has stuffy, painful and tinnitus ears.
Gastrointestinal: Reports nausea today.
Some days he develops nausea as well as vomiting.
Mr. P does not have a problem with smell, taste, seizures, and faints. He developed difficulties in sight and hearing.
Physical Exam:
Mr. P is physically fit.
Vital Signs:
The vital signs have no problem. He has normal blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate.
38 degrees census
He has sugar level 4.
He is alert and able to recognize the place people and time.
The eye has no problem. It has a round pupil, reactive to light and able to focus objects at a close and far distance.
He has clear ears, clear nose, and a clear throat.
Weber test:
Rinne both ears test showed that he has a loss of sensorineural in the left ear but the right ear was normal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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