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Muscle Strength Assessment - Essay Example

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The whole studies specifies that the evaluation of the joint position sense (Sharpe and Miles 1993, Skinner et al 1986, Marks 1994b, Saxton et al 1995, Voight et al 1996, Brockett et al 1997, Lattanzio et al 1997, Carpenter et al 1998, Taimela et al 1999, Bjorklund et al 2000) and the movement sense (Pedersen et al 1999) describes abnormal outcomes if the muscles surrounding are worn-out due to fatigue as a result of continuous intense exercises to the degree that the torque has lost one half of its restrained initial value…
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Muscle Strength Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages Consider that the minute diameter afferent impacts efferents, hence, sensitivity of the muscle spindle and likely resulting to proprioceptive acuity that may not be attributed to the exhausted muscle. This could take place in different areas in the exercise region and likewise, contra laterally (Pedersen, 1999). Though, it is claimant that the clinicians must delay the process of the joint position sense evaluation because of the fatigue state, unless the assessment of the proprioceptive effects of fatigue is deliberate, it shows that there were no report about the presumptive effects of exercise that are non-exhausting. Even so, extreme non-exhausting exercises, like the strengthening and muscle evaluation, are likely to produce the said metabolic results that keeps the possibility of acute effects on the micro trauma in the spindle muscles, spindles of the muscle and changed in the neurone excitability of the spinal neurone.
The chance to evaluate the effe...
sults that keeps the possibility of acute effects on the micro trauma in the spindle muscles, spindles of the muscle and changed in the neurone excitability of the spinal neurone.
The chance to evaluate the effects of the strength of the thigh muscle on the joint sense, most especially during sports activities, directs to the collaboration of research study with other groups who also wants to study the same subject. The joint position sense evaluation result on both knees was already published in by Stillman in 1998.

Justification for Proprioceptive Treatments
In 1996 Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal Surgery, Joerosch & Prymka specified that:

"In conservative therapy more focus should be put on exercising the proprioceptive capability. In surgical therapy we should identify procedures which not only restore the anatomy but also reconstruct the neurophysiological feedback mechanism. In preventive programmes, proprioceptive training should be included as well"(177).
The similar observations were brought about by Safran and others, in 1994. In aid for the proceeding discussion, proprioceptive treatment pertain to any therapeutic operations that is assumed to rejuvenate, enhance or maintain proprioception. At present, however, it is still unknown if it yields.
Moreover, surgeons have some grounds in the attempt of retaining much of the proprioceptively stimulated structures likely in the anterior cruciate ligament restoration and in the surgical replacement of the osteoarthritic joints ( Safran et al 1994, Insall et al 1981). Histological experimental studies in animals resulted in reconstituted mechanoreceptor in the reconstructed cruciate ligaments in the 6 to 12 months post operative ( Barrack et al 1997, Denti et al 1994, Tsujimoto et al 1993, Goertzen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Muscle Strength Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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