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Juvinile Arthritis - Essay Example

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In past year's arthritis, specifically rheumatoid arthritis was thought to only afflict the elderly or those with bone and joint disorders. This was a misconception as there are a majority of cases of this condition which impair the lives of those in the juvenile percentile…
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Juvinile Arthritis
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Extract of sample "Juvinile Arthritis"

Download file to see previous pages There have been improvements with more doctors entering into this field and gaining certification so they can better treat their young patients but there are still many gaps needing filled in order to fully provide appropriate specialized care. Therefore, the information concerning this is generally found to be minimal but again, there is hope that the more the data grows about it and is gathered and found to be sufficiently accessible, then there will be a improved proportionate amount of practitioners who will be qualified to better assist many more patients.
The goal of this research is to bring enlightenment into the cause of chronic pain for the juvenile patients who have this illness. Also, more detailed research will be included which will involve the causes, symptoms, the reasons for excessive pain, and the perception people have of this disease. Other factors will be included in this literature as well so that a complete validation into the various forms and stages of the illness can be expressed more accurately, as well as the physiological ramifications involved so that it can be shown that there have been improvements in the area of this disease involving juvenile patients in a highly comprehensive manner.
When statistics are shown into the prevalence of this degenerative disease it is found that approximately 10 out of 20 children are determined to have a form of this illness (Bolukbas 2005). Currently there are a good number of treatment options and informative classes available for this disability and some of these are: education into its effect's and causes medical intervention, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Subsequently, it has been found that the last two options listed play the most crucial and beneficial role in order for adolescents who suffer from this chronic illness to achieve a satisfactory quality of life. Medical Intervention and Educational Courses assist in finding coping mechanisms and understanding of how the disease can progress.
This disease begins in the earliest stages of life from 0-16 years of age and can possibly lead to complications, one of which can lead to blindness if not treated appropriately and in a timely manner. Concurrently, it is the most common form of chronic diseases found in early childhood and there have also been varying reasons surrounding the cause of this affliction involving young children (Bolukbas 2005). Furthermore, there are a myriad of ways that pediatric doctors go about determining whether or not a child has the disease. There has also been an abundance of research done in the area of the physiology study of this chronic illness by utilizing neonates and experimental lab rats in order to promote better ways of finding pain relief and the causes associative with juvenile arthritis. These are very important factors to classify, if in fact a proper diagnosis is going to be made. The most common of symptoms that have been verified through various studies on animals as well as human patients are listed as follows:
Onset before age of 16 in humans
Arthritis involving one or more joints
Limitations in range of motion
Tenderness or pain with joint movement
Increased fever
Disease persisting 6 weeks or longer
Clinical features of polyarthritis which involves 5 or more joints
Oligoarthritis which would be ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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