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Human factor analyses of humira autoinjectors - Article Example

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Humira auto-injector pen is an integrated medical device that is designed for delivering a single dose of a particular drug and is mostly used for self-injection. It is used in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis and Psoriatic arthritis by use of…
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Human factor analyses of humira autoinjectors
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Extract of sample "Human factor analyses of humira autoinjectors"

Download file to see previous pages The patients affected by these chronic diseases require self-administration of medication, which is easy to use and available through the use of the convenient device, which adheres to therapy and reduces the pain. This Humira pen offers all these requirements, which make it more preferred by patients compared to other prefilled syringes. (Simons, 2007).
The Humira auto-injector is made such that it can facilitate self-administration effectively to untrained personnel. It is mostly injected into the thigh or the buttocks, and its design makes the injection effective. It has a lower protective cap that ensures the needle tip is shielded by injection and Upper protective cap that play an important role in ensuring no accidentally firing. It also has a yellow bar that acts as an indicator to show that the full dose has been delivered. It also has the Firing button that when pressed the needle is inserted automatically, and the drug is delivered. This makes the Humira auto-injector pen effective in drug delivery. (Nussbaum, 1999).
Although the performance of the HUMIRA auto-injector pen is easy to use and more convenient to use, it has shortcomings that need to be analyzed to prevent side effects it can cause to the patients. The shortcomings that are caused by the design and its components may be overlooked or put under serious consideration depending on the effects it can cause to the patients that use it. One of its shortcomings results due to the HUMIRA auto-injector containing a glass syringe, which may result in contamination of the drug. The glass syringe is prone to contamination, and this can cause serious negative effects to the patients using the device. (Lin, 2001).
The high dexterity required when using the autoinjection pen is also a problem as many users of the device may vibrate during the administration of the medication thus resulting to effective administration of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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