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Skoda Auto - Case Study Example

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The brand positioning was clear. Skoda Superb was targeted at chief executive officers and high net worth individuals. The message was about a prestige carrier of the world's most powerful man. The Skoda RS and L&K were positioned on a new plank altogether - sports car targeting sports professional.
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Skoda Auto
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Extract of sample "Skoda Auto"

ANALYSE FORMS OF CONSUMPTION AND ANY NEO-TRIBAL GROUPS THAT MAY BE IMPORTANT TO THE SKODA AUTO CARS. FORMS OF CONSUMPTION OF SKODA CARS The brand positioning was clear. Skoda Superb was targeted at chief executive officers and high net worth individuals. The message was about a prestige carrier of the world's most powerful man. The Skoda RS and L&K were positioned on a new plank altogether - sports car targeting sports professional.
"We believe that our automobiles and their brand positioning were unique and caught on well with our customers. Today, we are family to 16,500 proud customers," Vaid added.
The reality with International markets is that customers are extremely price-conscious. While making purchases based on emotional appeal, there is a rational side which does have an effect on the decision to buy a particular make and model of car. This ultimately targets emotional people.
Globally, Skoda Auto commands significant brand recall. Their claim to fame was always their pedigree. Skoda Auto realized the need to communicate information about its product features. The recent print campaign attempts that. In June last year, the company played the safety card. The advertising strategy is pitched on safety. So there is a mother and kid print ad, and the copy reads we fill our airbags with life.' The proposition was centered on the fact that Skoda automobile comes with six airbags - a feature that safeguards the owner and his little one. This feature targets customers who are safety conscious.
"We use television commercials as part of the corporate branding strategy, while the print advertisements communicate the benefits," explains Vaid. The recent well built' television commercial is a 30-second film shot in exotic locales in Goa. It says that the car needs to be well built to carry one's loved ones. However, the contemporariness of models has a big impact on purchase decision. The perception of the car in terms of its performance and design, quality, sales and after-sales, cost of ownership, apart from brand image, all affect the purchase decision. Product quality has the highest correlation with brand image, Bhatia says. The key to good and effective car brand advertising is to identify a unique emotional need, sharply position the car in all its form and style, delivering a strong personality to identify with, he adds. This targets Families.
The various forms of consumption includes Families, safety conscious people, emotional and sentimental people, sports professional, high net worth individuals, chief executive officers. On analyzing all the various forms, Skoda targets different segments in different countries. Skoda targets families in INDIA, High net worth and Chief executive officers in USA, Safety conscious people in Japan, Emotional and sentimental people in China.
"The car's fuel efficiency cost of spares, service levels, network penetration, resale value and such factors have a big impact on purchase decision. This is true for cars across all segments whether small or luxury."
Nirmal D. Menon, The Skoda score, The Hindu Business Line, January 13, 2005 Read More
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