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Several entertainment options exist including digital television, Video on demand, Gaming, digital audio systems. With the pervasiveness of mobile devices like the android smart phones and tablets,…
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Human factors for engineering
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Introduction Home entertainment plays an important role in individuals’ day-to-day life. Several entertainment options exist including digital television, Video on demand, Gaming, digital audio systems. With the pervasiveness of mobile devices like the android smart phones and tablets, more entertainment alternatives exist.
Project Description
Home entertainment has taken on a multi-media approach. Many homes have also included gaming devices in their home entertainment environments (Miller 8). Gaming and other multimedia systems help in engaging and keeping members in various homes united and committed thereby barring them from getting involved in other immoral activities like criminal activities. The aid of multimedia approaches in controlling and eliminating the unethical cultures in societies makes this project relevant hence the focus of my research.
Goals of the Project
Given the move to all digital formats for television broadcasts, the goals of this project are to:
To determine the efficiency of using a remote controller in the multimedia home entertainment
To design a unified multimedia entertainment system, and a universal remote control unit
To assess the current state of the home entertainment system
To compare and contrast the current and projected multimedia home entertainment systems and in effect draft a recommendation to the relevant bodies and government sects concerned.
The study employs several methodologies in its validation and actualization.
Methodology involving the use of a remote controller to control the multimedia gadgets likes TV, gaming in the home entertainment system. First, break the variety of the tasks in the various multimedia devices into subtasks and then assign each of the subtasks to a controller. When operations run, the checks INS are easily and quickly semi-automatically linked with the subtask buttons. The operation speed then estimated and used to calculate the efficiency of the system.
The touch sensitive input interface on the mobile computing device recognizes gestures and movements that touch it. Synchronization index then performs time coding. It looks up and in response selects a word or range of words; thereby, associating a particular time within the media to the choose words (Talukder, Asoke, Roopa, and Hasan Ahmed 34). The method helps in assessing the current state of home entertainment system through close remote monitoring by employing the use of the sensors.
Stenograph machines and computer software programs incorporating AutoCAD are usable in the subsequent methodology. The software program translates the phonetic characters while the stenograph machine types in preparation for a graphical and designed output. The output stream is a network of automated translations of ASCII characters stored in a data card attached directly to the stenograph machine by a serial communications link. A thorough analysis and examination of the readings contribute the final engineering design of a unified multimedia entertainment system and a universal control unit.
October 22,2014
Examination and assessment of the current home entertainment system
Required resources for the event are timely availed.
November 20,2014
Laying down the auto sensors for monitoring and translations of the required research data and Information
December 10,2014
Design work and final presentation drafting
Mobile computing gadgets
$ 50,000
Stenograph machine
Design software Programs
$ 90000
Works Cited
Talukder, Asoke K, Roopa R. Yavagal, and Hasan Ahmed. Mobile Computing: Technology, Applications, and Service Creation. New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, 2010. Print.
Miller, Michael. Creating a Digital Home Entertainment System with Windows Media Center: [determine Which Media Center Pc to Buy, Connect and Configure Your Media Center Pc, Get the Most Out of Windows Media Center]. Indianapolis, Ind: Que/Sams, 2006. Print. Read More
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