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In the paper “Neuman’s nursing model” the author analyzes the establishment of a supple system based on the nursing perspective by Betty Neuman. The nursing based approach displayed the client as the center energy resources representing a new level of concentric circles…
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Neumans nursing model
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Betty Neuman was a theorist from Ohio who had a Ph.D. in the clinical psychology field and was born in 1924. Neuman is renowned for the establishment of a supple system based on the nursing perspective. The nursing based approach displayed the client as the center energy resources representing a new level of concentric circles. The concentric circles were later evaluated to exist with variables represented in five sectors. The sectors include physical, the psychological parameters and environmental features with regards to the effect on an individual. Neuman’s model was presented through an interrelated concept, with logic consistency and a reasonable order. The model is embraced in the nursing practice due to the simplicity nature, direct approach and an identifiable dimension. The relevance of the model is widely used as a nursing education application with applicable practice. The relevance of the model has a provision of the guidelines which document nursing education and are a supplementary to the application practice in the same field. Betty Neuman’s theories are successful due to the varied field discussed. The theories have tackled all nursing dimensions and specialties with maximum flexibility. The presentation of the client perspective is summarized based on the equality factor of application for all involved parties. The model is a consistent regulator in the nursing practice and can be used over time to generate professionals. The specific case studies of the model have reflected an emphasis to basic prevention with an inclusive promotion. The simple nursing content is widely accepted with specific definitions to structures (Masters, 2012). Basic concepts Neuman’s model is relation of the variables with personal interactions dispensed by the combination of the physical and internal settings to generate the entire client structure. A survival of the client survival trend is invented as a unique individual pattern as the basic energy resources structures. A reference of the basic structure is represented as a central core with extreme survival factors. The detailed survival factors include genetic configuration, temperature changes and response patterns. The summary of the points that stability is achieved when a rise of the energy level occurs exceeding the used amounts in the system. The homeostatic organ is always in a dynamic state depending on the response leading to an imbalanced state. The nursing prototype in a structure includes the particular individual, the environment and health status. In many cases, the type of treatment and patient care is also highly considered. The human body is defined as the client system with a complex functionality. The complex approaches are established through the physiological analysis, the psychological evaluation and the interrelationship settings. In other occasions, the spiritual parameters can be studied with relations to the development cover (Masters, 2012). Application of Neuman’s system The application of Neuman’s system replica is used to identify the interpersonal levels of a given individuals. The relevance of the application is represented by the healthcare provider through a comprehensive setting. The application Neuman’s theories displayed the implementation of key factors for prevention interventions and relevance in the functionality to resolve future problems relating to the client. The application of the theories is not widely acknowledged due to a delineation of the defense lines of the theories. The development of new interventions can be conceptualized provided that all energy resources be explored and researched to detail. The formulation of the system is built on an open structure with a continuum like design. The challenges factor of the formulated theories is sidelined as minor investigations that have provided the lead to modern nursing intervention (Masters, 2012). The healthcare approach has been drastically improved through the application of Neuman’s theory resulting to a better patient care. The realization of possible intervention research can be supported through the recognition of existing nursing practices and philosophical work. This has set standards for nurses working to build confidence in research studies and practice. Research articles that can be used to develop Betty Neuman concept include “The Betty Neuman Systems Model applied to practice” by. Knight, J. B and “Personal and contextual factors predicting patients’ reported quality of life: exploring congruency with Betty Neuman's assumptions” by Hinds, C (Masters, 2012). The application of Betty Neuman’s theories has been used in varied medical fields internationally to improve healthcare provision and implement medical services at larger dimension. The relevance of the model is widely used as a nursing education application with applicable practice. The specific case studies of the model have reflected an emphasis to basic prevention with an inclusive promotion. The theories have also been used to educate the trainees with a provision of extra education and research to innovative students. The objectives have been designed to provide a guideline on the entire systems generating a direct protocol of communication and interpretation in the nursing field. The success of the implementation of the theories can be invented and reached to higher levels given a reformation of the failed concepts. The restriction to the open channels of the theories can be devised with the help of a linkage to the already existing theories. References Masters, K. (2012). Nursing theories: A framework for professional practice. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Neuman, B. (1989). The Neuman Systems Model: Application to nursing education and practice (2nd. Ed.). Norwalk, CT: Appleton & Lange. Read More
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