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Neuman’s model for nursing care views the client and their environment as a set of categories and structures, which impact each other and are basically about the function of stressors. These stressors are present in a normal client situation, but they are dangerous when they…
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Nursing Theorist
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NURSING 2 Assumptions and nursing process Neuman’s model for nursing care views the client and their environment as a set of categories and structures, which impact each other and are basically about the function of stressors. These stressors are present in a normal client situation, but they are dangerous when they take advantage of an abnormal situation in the status of the client, to invade the lines of defense. For example, if a certain germ or bacteria enters the human system, it responds by creating antibodies and leukocytes to combat the environmental stressor. If successful, these lines of defense are effective; if unsuccessful, the human system loses energy and becomes compromised. The Neuman Systems Model, as it is sometimes called, “is a unique, open systems-based perspective that provides a unifying focus for approaching a wide range of international health concerns. Being universal in nature, it is open to creative interpretation and is widely used throughout the world” (Betty, 2009). Placed in the nursing process, Neuman’s system promotes holistic understanding of the patient.
Applicability, feasibility, strengths, and weaknesses
Because it is very broad-based and general, as the above quotation suggests, the Neuman system is applicable to a wide variety of situations. The generality of the theory also makes it more feasible in different situations. “The client in the Neuman’s system model is viewed as an open system in which repeated cycles of input, process, out put and feed back constitute a dynamic organizational pattern. The client may be an individual, a group, a family, a community or an aggregate” (Betty, 2009). Another strength is that the theory is modern, rather than having to be translated across dozens of years, or even centuries. Neuman’s model is actually, while it appears somewhat complicated, about two major components: stress, and the body’s reaction to it. If one can picture the theory in these terms, it becomes somewhat less complicated. One weakness of the theory is that it is so general that compromises in application could also result; another is that the theory does not appear to have a lot of empirical support in peer-reviewed journals as anything other than a side-note, and the main source of information that comes up on an internet search does not include scholarly articles, but blogs and Neuman’s own website.
Proposed study
Hypothesis: Neuman’s model for nursing care can be applied proactively by modern nurses working in healthcare facilities today.
Purpose: A lot of the problems with esoteric theory have centered around taking a theory and applying it to reality in a realistic and effective manner. Therefore, it is important to know whether or not real-world nurses can see relationships in daily practice reflected in Neuman’s model.
Methods: The method could be a quantitative or qualitative survey methodology. This would measure the attitudes and beliefs of nursing professionals today about Neuman’s model. A brief refresher on the model’s main points would be required for more valid results, which brush-up could be included in the survey, or in a separate class held as part of the experiment itself.
Results: It is expected that professional nurses in the field today will see positive application of Neuman’s model through systems theory.
Application of Betty Neuman’s System (2009). Read More
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Nursing Theorist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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