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According to Kearny-Nunnery (2010), this model involves a clientele who is a system in continuous interaction with intrapersonal, interpersonal, and extra personal influences. The above factors are the primary causes…
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Theory of Nursing Models
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Neuman’s Nursing Model The model that I have chosen is the Neuman’s nursing model. According to Kearny-Nunnery , this model involves a clientele who is a system in continuous interaction with intrapersonal, interpersonal, and extra personal influences. The above factors are the primary causes of stress among the clients and are renowned as environmental stressors. They regularly invade the defensive life of the clients and the usual health state of the clientele. To overcome these environmental stressors, a model known as the flexible line of defense, as described by Skalski, DiGerolamo & Gigliotti (2006), needs to be used. Kearny-Nunnery (2010) notes that the model consists of five variables that are fundamental to its application in life. These five factors are, developmental, psychological, sociocultural, physiological, and spiritual.
According to Skalski, DiGerolamo & Gigliotti (2006), the physiological variable involves the structures and the body functions while as the psychological variable involves the mental processes of the clientele, such as the emotions. Skalski, DiGerolamo & Gigliotti (2006), continues to note that the developmental variable involves the development stages of any person, such as from childhood to adulthood through adolescence. The social cultural variable involves the relationships and activities of the individual while spiritual denotes to the effect of spiritual beliefs. The main goal of nursing in this model is upholding the prime wellness of the client.
The actions of nurses should be introduced in order to preserve, achieve, and uphold the maximum fitness and wellness for the clientele by means of three preclusions to keep the systems steady. The three preclusions involve primary interventions, secondary interventions, and tertiary interventions. In most cases, the primary interventions happen before the rest. They normally occur before the structure reacts to a stressor. In addition, the secondary interventions focus on avoiding harm to the central core through consolidation of the interior lines of resistance and eliminating the stressor. Lastly, the tertiary prevention involves the whole system and occurs after the system has undergone secondary prevention schemes (Fawcett 925). The tertiary prevention strategy lenders backing to the client and enhances vigor into the system.
The primary objective for Neuman when coming up with her concept was to prevent any stressors for clienteles through the three preventions from her model. Nueman gives examples of stressors to be nervousness, physical uneasiness, and loss of control, and body image concerns, uncertainty, threat, fear, cognitive dissonance, injury, illness, pregnancy, drug abuse, alcoholism, self-harm, separation, divorce, new baby, marriage, and lack of sleep among many others. Her theory aims at preventing these stressors from getting out of control.
Neumann’s model can be used to prevent these stressors from patients getting out of control therefore causing anxiety, physical discomfort, loss of control, or body harm (Fawcett 925). In her model, Neumann’s notes that it is the work of the research nurses to provide more education and explanation of processes, maintenances, and the procedures that patients can use in order to avert or ease some stress or emotional states of no control. She continues to note that it is important to give the clienteles the options that are possible in order to help them feel more they are responsible for their care.
As a registered nurse, I would certainly use Neuman’s Nursing Model, which also happens to be my favorite, to assist my patients to mitigate effects of stressors. Additionally, I would use the model to help the patients to create buffer lines against stressors that could be developmental, psychological, sociocultural, physiological, or spiritual. This way, I would certainly improve the quality of life for the patients. I can also use the model to families as well.
Discussion Question
Although Neuman’s Nursing Model is a powerful counseling tool, what are some of the drawbacks of using this model when practicing as a registered nurse?
Kearney-Nunnery, R. (2010). Making the Transition from LPN to RN. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company. Print.
Skalski, C. A., Di Gerolamo, L., & Gigliotti, E. (2006). Stressors in five client populations: Neuman systems model-based literature review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 56(1), 69-78.
Fawcett, Jacqueline. (2011). Family-centred care: what works and what does not work. Journal of Advanced Nursing. Vol 67, (5), 925-946. Print. Read More
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