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Annotated Bibliography on Nursing Theory/Practice Model (The Mcgill Model of Nursing) Abstract This paper considers the McGill model of nursing, in particular in two annotated texts, one concerned with how it is worked out in one nurse’s community practice, and the second with how it is being used in a school of nursing…
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Annotated Bibliography on Nursing Theory/Practice Model (The Mcgill Model of Nursing)
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Download file to see previous pages One model of nursing was that nurses would take on some task previously the domain of the medical profession. Another view was that health was strongly linked to such things as a person’s life style and health habits. This model, promoted by Dr Moyra Allen, ( Gottleib and Rowat 1987) sees nurses as active promoters of good health. It was a model that originated in a community situation, and so is rather different from other models such as ‘A model for nursing based on a model of living’ as put forward in the United Kingdom by Roper, Logan and Tierney (1995) which, although including some information from community districts and a psychiatric hospital, as well as a maternity unit, reads very much as if it were only general hospital based. The McGill model is one in which the nurse is not acting as a substitute for a doctor, as sometimes happens with modern day nurse practitioners , but is one where she plays a complementary role to other health workers in a variety of situations. This model can be generalized across all settings. It is concerned with coping with situations, but also making adaptions and developing new ways of dealing with things together with the individuals, the families, and the wider communities involved. This model is concerned with the family as the context for health and, just as families are all different and change from time to time, so this must be a dynamic model capable of adaptation in a variety of ways. This however may also be why it is often not used, as it does not present with a simple ‘first do this and then do that’ method which results in an agreed and expected result every time. Several articles on this topic were found. The web page ‘Nursing Theories , 2012, lists many other possible models such as the Betty Neuman’s System Model, Roy’s Adaption Model and ‘The Three C’s of Lydia Hall’ – Care, Cure and Core . Out of McGill model ideas Sharon Denham developed her book ‘Family Health’ based upon her community family based practice in Ohio. The article by Gottleib and Rowat ( 1987) points out how other models are concerned with dealing with the disabilities caused by illness or injury, whereas the McGill model is more concerned with seeing the possibilities of a situation , giving the vivid example of a boy who has injured his right hand, and how he took this on as a challenge as to how he could soon learn to become adept with his left hand. The writers see the process as being aimed at the achievement of life goals. It does however work from the view that individuals and their families have the inner strengths, the resources and the abilities, to come up with viable coping mechanisms. Denham, S., Family Health , 2003 This was based upon the author’s own practice and research as a qualified nurse, and how families in the Appalachians ‘defined and practiced family health within their households.’ She looked at their routines and habits, including those bad habits which negatively affected family health. She also looked at how families altered their practices around health, and also identified the context in which these people lived. The audience is other nurses having to deal with families in their own diverse communities. The author presents her case very clearly, showing her fellow nurses how to identify a number of different strategies related to health interventions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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