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She posits that cultural values such as caring, people’s beliefs and practices be they similar or different within various cultures can all be incorporated with the nursing…
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Sunrise model of Leningers transcultural nursing theory
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Sunrise model of Leningers transcultural nursing theory Madeliene Leininger created the transcultural nursing theory which combines anthropology and nursing. She posits that cultural values such as caring, people’s beliefs and practices be they similar or different within various cultures can all be incorporated with the nursing profession. The core concept of the theory is in realizing the need for a global perspective to be formed in the practice of nursing all over the world. The Sunrise Enabler is useful in studying all the dimensions of this theory in a systematic way (Murphy, 2006).
The Sunrise Enabler is a system in which factors influencing a person’s perception are reviewed by a nurse in order to make a nursing assessment. These factors are then used to formulate an individual’s structural and cultural dimensions. These dimensions overlap affecting a person’s view of their environment. This, in turn, affects their psychological, physiological and cultural health needs (Sagar, 2011).
The theory accounts for the effects culture has on people. Culture is responsible for the way people define ailments and their response to the treatment they receive and its success. For instance, psychological disorders fall in either of two categories namely; peripheral or central disorders. This division is made on the basis of how these disorders manifest themselves in different cultural contexts. Peripheral disorders symptoms appear differently within different cultures, whereas central disorders symptoms manifestations are similar across all cultures (Murphy, 2006). The transcultural nursing theory takes into account such disparities and tries to reconcile the nursing profession with the existing different cultures. This has made it possible for nurses all over the world to practice nursing bearing in mind the cultural context.
The theory is mostly credited for reconciling the different cultural influences in the training of nurses. This increases nurses’ flexibility when it comes to choosing employment opportunities all around the world. Patients receive the best care without fear of inconsiderate treatment from the nurses. This theory helps eradicate patients’ mentality whereby nurses are considered ignorant about their cultural beliefs especially when it comes to the treatment of their families and community as a whole (Sagar, 2011).

Murphy, Sharon C. (2006) Mapping the literature of transcultural nursing. New York: Alan
Sagar, P. L. (2011). Transcultural Nursing Theory and Models: Application in Nursing Education, Practice, and Administration. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Read More
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