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Describe the concept of professionalism, responsibilty, and accountability of the nurse as a RESEARCHER - Research Proposal Example

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The role of a nurse as a researcher should instill latest standards of professional caring, sense of responsibilities and due accountability, both to the institution where (s)he works and also to the patient community,carers or surrogates of the patient.
The profession of nursing has undergone sea changes since the time of its pioneering advocate, Florence Nightingale and her indefatigable and selfless services provided to the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War in 1854…
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Describe the concept of professionalism, responsibilty, and accountability of the nurse as a RESEARCHER
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Extract of sample "Describe the concept of professionalism, responsibilty, and accountability of the nurse as a RESEARCHER"

Download file to see previous pages How new techniques, methods, strategies and other innovative aspects of nursing, could be gradually enforced into patient -tending profession in order to provide them with the levels and standards of personal attention and medication that they may be needing.
5. How research could enhance nursing efficiencies and contribute to a healthier, happier and harmonious social and community setting with enhanced benefits for all - the leaders, promoters, providers, patients and their careers and surrogates.
It is seen that the system which was developed in the 1970's as a teaching tool has now transformed into a major decision making and authoritative source for the practice of nursing. In the application of Neurman's Model, it is believed that there are mainly three stress causing aspects that may emanate from "intra personal, inter personal" or "extra personal" reactions to environmental stress. (Andrist, Nicholas & Wolf, 2006, p.245).
In the context of nursing research, it is believed that introduction of new techniques or processes of heath care or introduction of new medication or interventions may provoke such reactions among patients, especially the older ones. This would in turn test the professionalism, responsibility and accountability of health care providers.
However by use of Nueman's model there are benefits to be derived It propagates a system model propagated for optimum patient welfare and delivery of maximum beneficial health services. In the context of nursing research, this model believes that good health, sense of well being and integrated fitness are fundamental to the teaching of nursing student education.
Para.2. Translating nursing research into action:
Research entails pursuit of knowledge and understanding to be translated into action for the betterment of patients and careers. Research in the context of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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