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Self care theory - Essay Example

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Nursing Systems Theory Name Institution Date Nursing Systems Theory The systems theory is a concept that involves an adoption of ‘wholeness’ when considering the treatment of patients. It was first formed by Ludwig von Bertalanffy (1901-1972). It has since been used by different clinical authorities in the adoption of various systems of nursing theory…
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Self care theory
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Download file to see previous pages One of the nursing theorists who drew from the systems theory to develop a more operational theory is Betty Neuman. Applicability of Neuman's Systems Theory Betty Neuman’s model, the ‘Neuman System’s theory, seeks to portray the constant interaction between a patient and his or her environment, and how it contributes to balance and a sense of well-being from the patient’s perspective (Hinton & Neuman, 1995). In the Neuman System’s theory, a patient is viewed as being in constant contact with different factors such as the larger community, the environment, and the family. These factors affect the patient developmentally, spiritually, psychosocially, and physiologically in positive or negative ways. Neuman’s system’s theory holds that it is how an individual reacts to such factors that determine his or her environment. For example, if a person is irritated when a family member that he disagreed with earlier comes to ask him for something, the person has generated the feeling of irritation in response to the request of the family member. The person’s irritation will give birth to other symptoms such as anxiety and a feeling of stress which will in turn affect his blood pressure and possibly sleep disturbances. If his anxiety persists over a long period of time, the person’s self-concept may even be subjected to changes even as his physical health further deteriorates. In this case, the person’s powerlessness in adapting to the new environment results in the breakdown of his protective barriers. The Neuman Systems model also addresses the factor of perceived barriers that an individual can adopt so as to be able to cope with a transformation in the immediate environment. Neuman's Systems Theory in use in Culturally Diverse Families In the Neuman System’s model, it is believed that the nurse’s function is to view the patient as being a distinct individual with his own aspirations and coping abilities. While executing primary, as well as secondary interventions, the nurse is always conscious of the need to view the patient in a holistic manner that respects their protective barriers in order to enable the client to return to a state of well being (Fawcett, 2005). Due to the fact that the environment around the patient does not remain constant, the nurse always has to constantly re-consider the best ways to meet the client’s needs. This would be the case particularly in culturally diverse families where people may have different opinions and thus create new environments for the patient constantly. Neuman regarded people as being open systems which work with other elements when interacting with their environment. Neuman's model allows for nurses to be able to evaluate and care for the entire family unit as a singular client. Even though Neuman tended to concentrate o the client’s health, she felt that a patient’s health was basically dependent on the way in which they were presently reacting to the factors in their environment. The nurse who seeks to use the Neuman model has to analyze his professional role in the primary as well as secondary stages of prevention (Hinton & Neuman, 1995). By using this method, the nursing function is then transformed into one whereby the nurse chooses various effective interventions to treat the patient. In any culturally divers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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