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RESEARCH CRITIQUE QUESTION: Child J and Langford E (2011) Exploring the learning experiences of nursing students with dyslexia - Essay Example

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Critical Appraisal of a Journal Article [Name] [Institution] Critical Appraisal of a Journal Article Introduction This paper offers a critical appraisal of the article “Exploring the learning experiences of nursing students with dyslexia.” by Child and Langford (2011)…
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RESEARCH CRITIQUE QUESTION: Child J and Langford E (2011) Exploring the learning experiences of nursing students with dyslexia
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Extract of sample "RESEARCH CRITIQUE QUESTION: Child J and Langford E (2011) Exploring the learning experiences of nursing students with dyslexia"

Download file to see previous pages The two researchers explored the significance of clinical mentor roles for nursing students with dyslexia, the value of wok based learning as well as the need for advocacy to support such students. Based on their research findings, the authors concluded that early diagnosis and detection of dyslexia is critically important for the development of appropriate support for the affected individuals (Bums, 2009, p.48). They further argued that sharing placement experiences with the other colleagues outside the clinical environment can significantly benefit nursing students with dyslexia. This critical appraisal evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of their research based on an assessment of the general aspects of the article, appropriateness of the title, credibility of the two researchers and effectiveness of the research methods used. Evaluation of the general aspects of the Article The assessment of the general aspects of the article include evaluating the relevance and validity of the title, the credibility of the authors, the abstract of the paper, the appropriateness of the research rationale and aims as well as the literature review. Generally, the authors have used an appropriate title that effectively provides insights into the research problem as well as the concept under study (Creswell, 2009, p.36). Additionally, the title of the paper contains all the main key words related to the topic of study. The abstract of the research article is also fairly appropriate both in terms of its length as well as the relevance of its summary of the main aspects of the research study. With regard to the credibility of the two authors, it is important to note that both the two researchers are widely recognised authors who have published a number of research articles on various peer reviewed journals (Child and Langford, 2011, p.39). One of the co-authors, Jenny child is currently a senior lecture in adult nursing and has a wide knowledge and experience on the topic of the study. The other author, Elizabeth Langford, is also a senior lecture at the prestigious University of the West of England. She is also currently working as a study skills advisor at the same institution in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. On the other hand, despite little previous research on the potential effects of dyslexia on nursing students on placement, the two researchers carried out a comprehensive literature review of a number of recent publications relevant to the topic of the study. The systematic literature review employed in the research is fairly comprehensive and up to date. For example, the reviewed articles, journals and books are all recent publications that were published within the last five years. A computer based key word search using the British Nursing index, British Education index and Medline helped the authors to get some of the recent publications on their research problem (Child and Langford, 2011, p.39). Additionally, all the articles reviewed were first subjected to double blind peer review and automated plagiarism check to ensure that the information obtained from them is credible and up to the required standards. However, the authors have included a few older references some of which were published before 2006. According to Wright (2000, p. 56), this is understandable given that limited previous researches exist on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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