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The Experiences of Nursing Students with Dyslexia - Essay Example

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This essay “The Experiences of Nursing Students with Dyslexia” critiques the work done by Ridley. The work under study discussed the plight of nursing students that live with dyslexia. As one of the preliminary signs of believability of the report…
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The Experiences of Nursing Students with Dyslexia
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Extract of sample "The Experiences of Nursing Students with Dyslexia"

Download file to see previous pages The work under study discussed the plight of nursing students that live with dyslexia. As one of the preliminary signs of believability of the report (Ryan, Coughlan & Cronin, 2007), it is well laid out, avoiding any unnecessary jargon, applying the use of good grammar and hence very believable to the reader. The title of the work is fully reflective of the content of the report, it displays an element of conciseness, clarity, and accuracy, given the content of the paper. The author of this report is credible, which is another requirement for believability (Gomm, 2004). Caroline Ridley is an expert in her field, given that she is a Senior Lecturer on adult nursing at the School of Health, Psychology and Social Care, at the Manchester Metropolitan University. The abstract of the paper accurately outlines the key components of the report, bringing out the aim of the study, the methodology used, the findings of the study and finally the conclusion of the study. Such are the components of a good abstract (Ellis, 2013). Ridley’s (2011) work on pre-registration nursing students is backed by a clearly outlined rationale for undertaking the research. The author points out that dyslexia is a prevalent disability among the student population, which has warranted studies on the subject. She points out that there is limited research on healthcare practitioners that are suffering from dyslexia, despite the high rate of prevalence of these. The literature review conducted by the author is quite comprehensive. She applies a unique blend of old and recent literature on the topic, that is, by reviewing Shuler (1990) and Shallenberger (1993), and then going ahead to review a wide variety of more recently completed works such as that by Goode (2007) and Hartley et al. (2008). The literature review is satisfactory towards the philosophical underpinnings of the study (Ryan, Coughlan & Cronin, 2007), that is, it adequately presents some of the issues faced by nursing students with dyslexia. For example, according to Morris and Turnbull (2006), these students are subjected to attitudinal boundaries by others around them. Dale and Taylor (2001) point out effects such as frustration and low self-esteem among these dyslexic students. The literature review is able to amply fulfill its objectives of bringing out some of the issues that dyslexic medical practitioners have to contend with. Ridley (2011) gives the aim of her study as ‘to explore the experiences of pre-registration nursing students with dyslexia at one university.’ This aim is clearly stated, bringing important factors such as the student population under study and the factor under study (Kumar, 2010). The aim is consistent with the research question, which is to highlight the experiences of nursing students that have dyslexia. Ethically, the research is on par with the standards set for research (Polit & Beck, 2011). These standards require that participants are made fully aware of the nature of the study (Polit & Beck, 2011).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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