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Child J and Langford E (2011) Exploring the learning experiences of nursing students with dyslexia - Essay Example

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Critique of “Exploring the learning experiences of nursing students with dyslexia” by Child and Langford (2011) by (Professor) (University) The fact that the nursing career accepts both dyslexic and non-dyslexic interns is based on the Equality Act of 2010, which affords the same opportunity for non-dyslexic and dyslexic students…
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Child J and Langford E (2011) Exploring the learning experiences of nursing students with dyslexia
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Extract of sample "Child J and Langford E (2011) Exploring the learning experiences of nursing students with dyslexia"

Download file to see previous pages However, the title somehow implies that it is a research study concerning how nursing students with dyslexia naturally learn and behave in the classroom setting. Nevertheless, the study is actually one focused on how nursing students with dyslexia should be able to cope with the rigors of clinical practice, not of classroom work. Therefore, the title should have been “Exploring the learning experiences and coping mechanisms during clinical practice of nursing students with dyslexia.” As to the authors, both are credible. Both Jenny Child and Elizabeth Langford are senior lecturers of adult nursing of the University of England. Therefore, their profession as well as the fact that they are members of the faculty of a prestigious British university makes them credible. However, it would have been better if it was clearly stated that both authors were nurses, although it is most likely so. Moreover, the abstract does summarize the key components of the study: the aim, the method used, findings and conclusions. However, it should have had elaborated a little bit more on the three points that it mentioned in the Findings summary section. Just like the abstract, the rationale for undertaking the research is clearly outlined. In fact, the research study flowed smoothly from its aim to how it was conducted and to the results that it yielded. Moreover, the aim of the research is clearly addressed. Nevertheless, the authors say that the study aims to “examine the learning experiences” of nursing students with schizophrenia. This examination of learning experiences may not have exactly been in a traditional classroom but are actually of a clinical setting. Furthermore, the statement of the aim of the study should have been at least two sentences for such length. There must also be an “and” between the word “placements” and the phrase “to establish ways,” and this syntax problem may somehow disrupt an average student’s reading. Regarding the ethical issues, the study clearly states that “the participants gave informed consent in writing to take part in the study” (Child & Langford 2011). This statement alone implies the idea that care has been taken to ensure that the proper ethical issues have been addressed in the study. Moreover, individual interviews have been conducted obviously in order to make sure that the privacy of the nursing student is protected. Moreover, there is a separate subsection called “Ethical considerations,” where it is stated that the study has been approved by the university ethics committee and that programme managers have also expressed their prior approval to it. Still, more on the subject of ethics, the questions used in the interviews of nursing students have been properly structured so as not to get any of the participants to be emotionally hurt. For example, only the words “disabilities” and “difficulties” have been used to refer to a possible case of dyslexia, which was not mentioned in the original questionnaire. Moreover, the data taken from the questionnaires have been “anonymised” in order to protect the identity of the participants (Child & Langford 2011). There seems to be no available literature on what type of questionnaire should be made available to students with dyslexia but the questionnaire used in this study seems very practical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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