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Practice of Teaching in Dyslexic Students - Essay Example

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In the practice of teaching, a teacher comes across several types of challenges, the effective management of which determines the success of teaching and the dyslexic students raise one of the most serious challenges in the practice of teaching. Therefore, it is essential for a practicing teacher to comprehend and reflect on the problems of the dyslexic students and the ways of dealing with the related issues in the practice of teaching…
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Practice of Teaching in Dyslexic Students
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Download file to see previous pages It is essential to comprehend that several learning problems come up if the teacher fails to recognise dyslexia at the right time and it makes the teaching inappropriate. Understanding dyslexia as a learning difficulty involves the perception that something is 'wrong' with the learner and here the teacher's focus shifts from celebrating the strengths to identifying weaknesses. Such a perception of the students with dyslexia emphasises the remediation by specialists. However, it is essential to implement resolution by knowledgeable class and subject teachers and supported by specialist help and intervention appropriate to the needs of the students. As dyslexia is a vital problem facing many students in the contemporary educational system, it is essential to have a clear-cut knowledge about this issue as well as the ways to deal with it. It is essential for the educators to make instructional adjustments in order to make the dyslexic students successful in an academic environment. ...
In a reflective analysis of the social, emotional and behavioural aspects of dyslexia, it becomes evident that the role of a teacher who caters to the various needs of dyslexic students is essential for the effective teaching practice in the area. Evidences from significant researches on the topic suggest that if dyslexia is not very early identified, it can affect the person in a vicious manner and it can lead from learning to behaviour problems and from behaviour problems to increased learning disability. The specific difficulties associated with the dyslexic students stress the importance of effective measures by teachers in classroom environment. Thus, it is essential to maintain that dyslexia affects the skills of information processing in particular working memory if the student, along with phonological awareness, labelling, rapid naming and the speed of processing. It also results in the failure to develop language and literacy skills to the expected level which in turn limits the access to curriculum in school, continuing education, and employment. Therefore, the teacher has a fundamental role in dealing with the issues faced by the dyslexic students. In the UK, it is currently believed that the dyslexic students process information differently than other children. Thus, if the teacher takes this difference in processing information into account, these students can learn effectively, although perhaps more slowly in relation to literacy. Therefore, this paper makes a profound analysis of how the teacher can make the classroom dyslexia friendly and the lessons more accessible to the student. It also attempts to investigate how structured, multisensory teaching, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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